We continue our good old tradition and share with you the most comfortable bedroom interior projects.


1. Bedroom in gray-blue tones To make the interior of the bedroom light and airy, there were chosen light natural shades. The bedroom behind the head of the bed was partially painted blue-gray – this technique helped to make the interior more expressive. By the way, they didn’t put the space with wardrobes – from the bedroom, there is an exit to a separate dressing room where all the clothes are stored.

2. Bright bedroom with powdery accents This bedroom was meant for a young girl, so the designer opted for a soothing color scheme: white walls were complemented by light wood elements and powdery accents. A large mirror was used behind the head of the bed  – it visually expands the room and adds light to the space. With storage, everything is also in order here: two storage systems from IKEA were hidden behind sliding textile panels (in case a couple lives in the apartment).

3. Cozy bedroom in classic style To decorate this room, the designer chose light blue paper wallpapers with a floral print — they set the mood for the entire interior. And the usual balcony doors were replaced with French ones to the floor to add romance to the atmosphere. And here they also organized a dressing room with built-in wardrobes 1500 mm wide with mezzanines on top. Men’s clothing is stored in one part, and women’s clothing is stored in the other.

4. Bedroom in beige tones The designer decided to emphasize a large area of the bedroom with light colors – she pushed the boundaries of space even more.  At the same time, they decided not to force the bedroom with unnecessary furniture:  a coffee table with a laconic design was placed by the bed, and all things were hidden in a large wardrobe from IKEA. In color, it practically merges with the walls and does not clutter up the space.

5. Small bedroom with colored ceiling The designer chose two shades as the color scheme for the interior: pink and blue. The walls in the room were painted in a delicate celestial shade, and the ceiling and part of the wall were decorated with decorative tape applications. This technique visually expands a small space. By the way, the curtains were successfully chosen to match the walls and ceiling – thanks to this, the interior seems more holistic.