‘It’s perfect for entertaining!’ - 5 designer-approved tricks to achieve an elevated Hamptons-style kitchen


While it originated in the Hamptons and is typical of an indoor/outdoor lifestyle, the Hamptons design style keeps inspiring interiors everywhere, whether by the beach or not. The relaxed luxury, vacation vibe is coveted all year round and looks especially beautiful in a kitchen setting. ‘A Hamptons-style kitchen is open plan, fresh, bright, and breezy with big windows that open to outdoor living to a big deck or a backyard,’ explains interior designer Ami McKay.


‘If you want a Hamptons-style kitchen, let’s start with the herringbone floors,’ says Belinda. The ones in her video are tiles and not timber, but they look just as good. It’s a great option to consider in the space since they'll be very easy to clean and can be more budget-friendly in some cases.


Belinda goes on to point out that another typical feature of a Hamptons kitchen is the Shaker-style cabinetry doors. You don’t need to change your whole kitchen for this - keep the carcasses and just swap out the doors. The color of choice here should be white, and it’s an important factor in achieving that high-end look. The perfect white will make the space look expensive, and more luminous, as it will bounce off light.

‘White is a great backdrop for many design styles, and it works in any room of the house – from kitchens to playrooms – as the paint color becomes the backdrop to all the other elements in a room,’ says Sherwin Williams paint expert Sue Wadden. ‘One way I recommend homeowners incorporate a palette of white in their homes is by layering white décor mixing different textures, fabrics, and patterns to add dimension to an otherwise all-white bland look.' That’s the beauty of a Hamptons style - the different textures layered onto a white foundation to create that luxurious feel.


‘It doesn’t really matter if you have two double ovens at 600 each or one large 900 oven, it just depends on your cooking preference,’ says Belinda. In general, however, when it comes to Hamptons style, the bigger the better. Similar to the Cape Cod style, a key feature of Hamptons vacation homes is that they're great environments for hosting and entertaining guests, so larger appliances where you can prep enough food for big family gatherings are ideal.


A beautiful, clean white backsplash suits this style like a glove. You can opt for tiles or marble for an even more expensive look. ‘Subway tiles are great,' Belinda explains in the video. 'You can lay them in this traditional brick way, or you can lay them in a herringbone style.' Of course, the color of choice here is typically white, but you can add interest by playing with a different texture surface (a glossy one in this case). You can also experiment with different ways of laying your tiles to break the all-white effect and add character to the space in a subtle, elegant way that's in keeping with the style.


‘A great feature is an integrated fridge,' Belinda goes on. 'This is a double French door fridge, and the handles are very in keeping with the Hamptons them.’ In keeping with the possibilities of hosting and entertaining that the style promises, a large fridge is not only preferred but a feature of utmost importance. Choosing an integrated look, where the fridge doors are hidden will ensure that the sleek, clean look of your white shaker cabinets won’t be disrupted.

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