20 Inspiring Shower Tile Ideas for A Dream Bathroom

Subway Tiles Are Always On Trend

Subway tile shower ideas vary in shape, color, and arrangement, creating so many opportunities. You can go for the classic white or do a modern take on it and use green tile in your bathroom. Whichever option you go for, subway tiles guarantee a timeless look.

Embrace Retro Vibes

Let’s bring the 1950s back! Recreate the era that was all about colors and whimsy with vividly colored tiles in your bathroom. Go for bright yellow, pink, or turquoise tiles on one wall and playful stripes on the other, and seal the effect with a bright red glossy cabinet to make a final statement.

Penny Tiles Create Luxurious Mosaics

Penny tiles give you infinite possibilities. From a trim adding a visual accent to executing your shower floor tile ideas, penny tile mosaic will instantly add personality to your shower room. If you want ultimate luxury, go for gold tiles and same-color trim—your bathroom will feel like a spa resort.

Chevron Tiles Create Movement

Chevron is another classic pattern that creates movement and can make your shower room elegant without being loud. It can work with subway tiles as well as larger rectangular tiles. If you want to double the effect, repeat this pattern on other surfaces, like cabinet faces, preferably in a contrasting color. This is one of the most popular tile shower ideas for small bathrooms.

Industrial Chic Suits Any Size Home

The industrial look isn’t only for the loft space! Depending on the size of the place, you can go for larger concrete blocks or the classic white subway tiles. In both cases, choose metal sink stands, an oversized shower door handle, and all-black fixtures to underline the style.

Work With Pastel Colors

Many people say no to pastel colors in interior design for fear of looking juvenile. However, there are lots of tricks to avoid that. If you’d love to try pastel shower tiles, pair them with some bold features like gold matte bathroom fixtures or a patterned rug.

Feel Closer To Nature With Earthy Tones

Natural, earthy colors of faux wood or tiles of similar tones make your bathroom feel warm. Earthy tones stay relevant despite the changing trends, which means you won’t have to remodel your bathroom every so often.

Honor The Past With A Contemporary Roman-Greek Wall

Liven up your bathroom with a vibrant accent to the ancient world. Play with color and explore various design ideas to find something that suits your aesthetics. To make the bold patterns on the shower wall stand out, go easy on the rest of the bathroom. A neutral gray slab will make for a perfect backdrop for a rich and colorful tile mosaic.

Play With Different Directions And Angles

Can’t decide whether you should install your tiles horizontally or vertically? Do both! The horizontal direction works better on the lower part of the walls, while the vertical, preferably in a lighter color, can be extended to the ceiling. This will create a very dynamic movement in your space.

Stretch Tiles From Wall To Floor

There are several ways to make your small bathroom appear larger, and one of them is by using the same tiles on the shower wall and the bathroom floor. This creates a seamless flow that visually expands the space. Don’t be afraid to use bold patterns, as they also play into the illusion.

A Coastal Theme Makes You Feel The Ocean Breeze

If you’re a fan of the coastal aesthetics, the bathroom is the perfect place to recreate it. Use scalloped tiles to resemble water waves. Ocean blue, mint, and white colors will work best in this setting. Employ other bathroom elements, such as brass drawer handles, lighting, and shower fixtures, to intensify the effect.

Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment With Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns make for great bathroom shower tile ideas. You can lay them out on the floor or extend them to the walk-in shower. Keep the rest of the bathroom relatively simple and neutral so the patterns don't become too overwhelming. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t add stylish details like gold fixtures or a sculptural light.

Honeycomb Brings In Sophisticated Order

Hexagonal tiles resemble the beehive structure and bring structure and order to your shower room. Consider an all-black honeycomb tile when designing your bathroom. For a boosted sense of sophistication, pair it with a black shower door frame and balance it with a white sink and lavatory.

Mix And Match Tile Size, Shape, And Color

If you want to create a clear boundary between the shower and the rest of the bathroom, you can do so by combining different tile sizes and shapes. Go for a bigger tile size on the bathroom floor and a smaller, maybe slightly more intricate, shower tile design. When choosing the color, make sure that either the shower walls or floor are of the same color as the bathroom to connect the two. Experiment with different shapes and arrangements to create your own unique design.

Dark Bathrooms Will Always Be Fashionable

Whether you decide to go for two different tile patterns or combine shower tile with painted bathroom walls, a dark bathroom will always look elegant and sophisticated. Consider adding golden or brass accents and a large leafy plant to warm up the space.

Contrasting Colors Draw Attention

Consider using tiles of contrasting colors to add visual interest inside and outside the shower area. If you feel courageous, you can take it up a notch using opposing floor and wall tiles inside the shower. For a more subtle approach, create contrast using a different colored grout with your tiles.

Adding Stripes Will Make The Bathroom Visually Exciting

Whether you use penny tiles to create stripes of different widths or go for subway tiles, stripes are a classic choice. Opt for black and white tiles for an extra touch of timeless chic, or choose any other color that complements your bathroom.

Decorate With Small Color Accents

If the size of your bathroom doesn’t allow for an accent wall, you can still experiment with small color accents. A line of dark blue or black tiles running across the white subway tile shower wall will create a focal point. You can match it with black matte shower fixtures.

Shine A Spotlight On Grout

Grout is often overlooked as an element of decor, but it can be a real game-changer. If you’re going with white or light-colored tiles in your bathroom, try pairing it with a contrasting black grout. Similarly, if your tiles are dark, use white grout to create a visual contrast. And don’t think that your options are only limited to black and white! Grout can be painted any color to go with your tiles unless you’re using unglazed tiles. In that case, leave your grout unpainted.

Transport Your Shower Room To An Exotic Place With Murals

Murals are a game changer for your bathroom design. If simple shower wall tile ideas aren’t what you’re looking for, try something a little more particular. Transform your bathroom into a jungle with a themed mural of a rainforest and enjoy your morning showers in a tropical paradise.

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