5 things that people who store their bed linen properly always do – it'll make sheets look (and smell) better


One of the most important pieces of advice that came from our cleaning and organization experts? 'Location, location, location.' This factor cannot be underplayed as one of the central tenets to the success of your storage solution. 'Proper storage not only ensures bed linens remain in pristine condition,' says cleaning expert and founder of Muffetta's Domestic Assistants, Muffetta Krueger, 'but also enhances their overall lifespan, saving you time and money in the long run.'

When choosing the right storage space, there are a few things to consider. 'A cool, dry, and well-ventilated area is ideal for creating an appropriate storage space,' says Muffetta. 'Avoid areas prone to humidity or direct sunlight, as they can lead to mildew growth and color fading.'


To keep your sheets looking tip top it is important to take care when folding them. 'A neat folding technique helps to minimize wrinkles and save space,' advises cleaning expert, Angela Rubin from Hella Maid.

'For bed linens, I like to fold fitted sheets and flat sheets together along with matching pillowcases and store each set inside a matching pillowcase for easy access and a tidy look,' she says. This also allows for sheets to be stacked neatly for quick and easy access.

This trick will streamline your bed-making process and make sure the bed looks its best once made.


Home fragrance is important and scent-layering has become all the rage. It can be tempting to dowse your bed sheets in scents, but according to our experts, this should be done with caution. 'Avoid using scented sprays directly on the fabric, as they can leave residues,' says Muffetta. Expert cleaner Angela agrees and tends to avoid harsh chemicals for bed lines. 'While it might be tempting to use scented products, avoid strong fragrances as they can be overpowering and irritate sensitive skin,' she says. Instead, both experts advise using natural fragrances to scent your bedding. 'I like natural fragrances such as sachets of dried lavender or cedar blocks, simply place them among your stored linens for a natural scent.'


Many of the issues you currently face with your bedding can be easily avoided by not overstuffing your linens in a limited space. Choosing the best bed linen, and what looks good for the longest, has as much to do with storage as the quality of materials. 'Overstuffing can lead to creases, which can be difficult to remove, and can reduce air circulation, potentially causing musty odors,' says Angela. If you allow sufficient space this issue will be irradiated. promoting air circulation and ventilation will dramatically improve the freshness of your linens. 'To prevent linens from developing permanent creases or folds, rotate the ones you use,' says Muffetta. 'This practice ensures that all linens get a chance to see the light and remain in good condition.' Having a favorite set is something we are all guilty of, but consider having a good rotation cycle, it will help them all last longer.


Are you hoarding a bed set you've had since your college years? Or perhaps you have a sentimental attachment to every bed linen you own. Well, it is time to let them go. Part of the overcrowding problem is having too many sheets. 'Purging and organizing sheets regularly is a must,' says professional organizer and founder of Your Organized Life, Lisa Dooley. This is necessary for an organized laundry closet but also as a way of adequately caring for your linens. 'This eliminates the unmatched and unused items and opens up storage space for the items that are in regular rotation,' she says. 'A useful rule is two sets of sheets per bed – one clean set and one set in the wash.' All these tricks will help to give you your best-looking bed ever and keep your space organized in the process.


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