We have selected the best storage methods depending on the nature and lifestyle of family members.


1. For those who are always in a hurry For those who live at a busy pace and who need to quickly pack up without spending a lot of time unpacking things, closed sectional storage is suitable. The apartment must have racks with boxes, each of which is assigned to a specific category of items. Then you can throw things there on the go and not waste time on neat unfolding, as it would be with open storage. Also, don’t forget to complement your kitchen cabinets and walk-in closets with all sorts of boxes, dividers, and boxes.  Large storage capacity, divided into small fragments, lets you quickly clean up and find what you need.

2. For those who love comfort For those for whom comfort is beautiful household trifles, and regular cleaning is an important and pleasant routine, open storage in any form is suitable. If you like photos of shelves with glass jars for bulk products and neat railings over countertops, feel free to add them to your interior. In the living room, in this case, you can put an open rack and hang shelves on which books, candles, and photographs will be placed. In the bedroom –  install a beautiful floor hanger, and in the hallway – a rack or hooks for outerwear. Be inspired by interiors with aesthetic open storage: adopt beautiful techniques from there and create a harmonious cozy space.

3. For those who prefer minimalism For those who relax only when they see simple shapes, minimalist design, and clean lines around, closed and as discreet storage as possible will suit. These are, for example, tall cabinets in the color of the walls, which will merge with them, and a kitchen set with hidden fittings, without decor. Avoid clothes hooks, open shelving, and randomly placed items on tables and window sills. The more capacious your storage system is, the more concise the overall picture will turn out, so do not be afraid to spend housing space on this.

4. For those who stock Do you like to store crops and pickles at home after the summer season, buy household goods in bulk, and are in no hurry to get rid of everything that is not often used, but necessary? Then you need to make the most of the entire space of the apartment, including vertical surfaces. For example, on the balcony or in the pantry, you can equip racks separated by shelves of different heights. The kitchen set in your case should also reach the ceiling – all rarely used appliances will stand on these additional shelves. A closet above the washing machine, hooks for hanging a bicycle on the wall in the hallway, shelves, and cabinets above doorways – actively use all non-standard storage methods.

5. For those who forget everything For those who find it difficult to remember what is stored where it is not easy. You need to either keep everything in plain sight so as not to lose it (the apartment quickly becomes cluttered and looks untidy), or spend hours looking for the right item in different boxes, cabinets, and boxes. In this case, an excellent solution is closed storage with signatures. You can buy a miniature printer that prints signatures on sticky paper and use it to organize storage in different rooms. Special ready-made stickers and organizers or containers with the ability to sign them with a marker will also help out.