Circled Dot

We have selected interesting projects where the designers managed to turn small rooms into cozy space for evening relaxation and receiving guests.


1. Luxurious living room in a modern classic style This modest living room looks spacious and airy.

Tall windows without curtains and tulle let in a lot of daylight, and a large mirror on the opposite wall reflects and multiplies it.

2. Bright living room with white walls In this room, the walls merge with the ceiling and seem to dissolve in space. The minimalistic white curbstone “floats” in the air, adding light to the interior. And light curtains made of the iridescent fabric reflect and diffuse light.

3. Living room for which they did not regret paints The designers have filled a miniature room in a one-room apartment with multicolor, a variety of textures, and ornaments.

4. Living room behind glass In this project, the owners initially wanted to combine the living room with the kitchen to create a spacious room, but the load-bearing wall did not allow this. Then the designers proposed an interesting solution: replace the wall between the living room and the corridor with a glass partition. As a result, it turned out to visually expand the space, while maintaining the isolation of the room from the corridor.

5. Sunny living room And in this tiny living room, the designers managed to place a sofa, a storage system, and even a mini-cabinet.

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