5 Paint Colors That Are Going Out of Style in 2023

Any Shade of Grey

While grey was everywhere for years, this look has devolved into 50 shades of boring. “This year's color trends are all about taking risks. The tried and true all grey look is out.”


White walls, while they look clean and neutral can also be incredibly sterile. Smith predicts we'll see far fewer crisp white paint colors in 2023. “While crisp white is still a go-to for making spaces feel light, airy, and fresh, we all crave more and more grounding colors and gravitate toward earth tones in our homes. Whites with the subtlest tint of blues, tans, or stone-like hues will be key in creating a bit more depth while keeping it light.”


From blush to millennial, pink walls were in style for a very long time. But according to interior designer and HGTV star Shay Holland, this trend is over.


Much like pink, red walls were everywhere for a while. “Splashy pinks and reds are great for fashion but tend to grate on people after living with them for a while.”

Navy Blue and Dark Green

Holland says navy blue and saturated shades of green are also on their way out for 2023. The reason for this is that these colors were mostly used for accent walls, and becasue that look is no longer on trend, these colors aren’t either.

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