10 genius small-space Christmas decorating ideas to bring festive cheer to the tiniest of rooms

1. Get cosy with candlelight

The gentle flicker of candlelight is very forgiving and can fast-track Christmas magic into the smallest of spaces. ‘Candles are a great addition to any small space to bring a cosy look and feel – and if you want to take it another step further, then a festive candle with a seasonal scent will ensure that you get the full Christmas feel,’ says Shelley Robinson, senior manager at B&M.

2. Dec the hall

Extend your Christmas decorating beyond the living room and into hallway christmas decorating ideas to make a festive first impression when guests arrive. You don’t need a grand hall with huge spiral staircase to make a big impression – it’s all about making the most of every nook and niche to flood in that Christmas cheer.

3. Switch to a skinny tree

No space for a ceiling-touching Norway Spruce? A skinny scandi Christmas tree trend could be the answer. Aka slimline or pencil trees, these faux options are perfect for tucking into corners and alcoves.

4. Tap into tablescaping

Tablescaping isn’t just for Christmas Day, dressing your dining table ahead of turkey-time is an inspiring way to bring in the festive décor without taking up any additional space in the room ‘As the centre of so many Christmas celebrations, it makes complete sense to have your table set up with a fabulous table-scape scene throughout the entirety of December,’ agrees Jane Rockett, co-founder of Rockett St George.

5. Dress the ceilings

For small living room Christmas decorating ideas that won’t have any impact on the liveable areas in your home, the ceiling holds huge potential. Hanging paper lanterns, chains, stars and tissue pom poms is perhaps the most familiar way of dressing ceilings for the festive season. Anything lightweight, and pretty, is ripe for elevating the otherwise wasted space overhead.

6. Work the walls

From outsized wreathes to creative Christmas card displays, even the smallest of homes have plenty of vertical surfaces that are prime candidates for a splash of Christmas cheer. For Christmas wall décor ideas with maximum festive feels, it’s hard to beat illuminated decorations. Atkin and Thyme are all over it with these sparkling LED ring lights, which are battery operated and suitable for use indoors and out.

7. Bring out the mirrors

Positioning mirrors behind decorative displays will double the impact and add extra sparkle and joy to your small space Christmas decorating ideas. ‘Mirrors come into their own at Christmas, not only to properly make use of the mirror selfie opportunities with friends when entertaining, but mirrors will also give the illusion of more space and do all the hard work for you,’ says Camilla Lesser, of Essential Living.

8. Make a fireplace alternative

Small homes often lack that statement fireplace that sings ‘Santa is coming’, but you can recreate a similarly cosy scenario using a hearty garland, pinecones and plenty of twinkling fairy lights on any horizontal surface. ‘Even if you don’t have a fireplace, it’s still possible to create a festive mantle-style inspired look this Christmas,’ says Camilla Lesser of Essential Living. ‘Be fun and creative with the different surfaces in your home, utilising a sideboard, dresser, shelving or radiator to create a focal point for your festive displays.’

9. Go for it

Sure, your home may not accommodate a Christmas tree that’s 20ft tall, or any size tree at all, but in the season of goodwill, there’s no better time to show off your individuality and character. ‘Christmas really is a time when anything goes – don’t be afraid to go bold and make a choice that’s different to the norm!’ says Abi Wilson, head of buying at Habitat. ‘A few vibrant pieces will bring a feeling of fun and festivity.’

10. Be liberal with accessories

Choose a few (merry and) brightly coloured accessories for every room in your home and you’ll be surprised at how far you can spread the festive cheer. ‘Think Festive cushions for the couch, a jolly tea towel for the kitchen, a set of Christmas bedding to extend the holiday makeover into the bedroom,’ says Gareth Coxall, Creative Director at Terrys.

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