5 outdated bedroom storage trends that designers say you should ditch – and what to use instead


We must first start with the most obvious – matching furniture sets. We get it that they are practical, easy to shop for and you can often get a good deal for the amount of furniture you are getting. But how much character is three (or more) pieces of very similar-looking storage going to add to your bedroom?


Charming, sure. But how much use do you get out of a blanket box? And they are bulky pieces too, taking up a lot of square footage in comparison to how much storage they actually give. Actually, we find any kind of trunk storage, where you have to open a lid and delve into an abyss of bedding, to be quite impractical.


Underbed storage may seem like a great idea in theory, especially as small bedroom storage, but it can actually be more effort than it's worth. Firstly, it's an easy dumping ground – out of sight and out of mind, and secondly, under the bed is such an inaccessible space. If you go for drawers you need plenty of room to pull them out so an ottoman design, where you lift the lid up is a slightly better solution. However, it does just risk turning into a big blanket box situation, which, as mentioned above, we are not big fans of.


By this, we mean baskets, bins, racks, trays, etc. There was a huge trend in Pinterest-worthy bedroom organization, and whilst a few pretty wicker baskets to store electricals can work, don't start buying some kind of container for every type of item in your bedroom. These small storage solutions clutter up a room and there are far more ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing options.


This storage trend is very much in fitting with the Scandi, minimalist vibe. And don't get us wrong, we love the look. But how does it work realistically? All it takes is one frantic outfit change and it goes from being a super chic setup to total chaos. So unless you have the time to keep an open rail looking neat, we would advise sticking with closed storage.

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