5 Outdated Bedroom Design Trends We’re Retiring In 2023—And What’s Replacing Them

Matching Sets

Matching furniture is out

Try Instead: Asymmetry


Part of the reason why matching bedroom sets are becoming a thing of the past, is because of a decreasing demand for one of its key features. “The standard dresser in a bedroom is sort of going away.”

Try Instead: Seating

Curved Furniture

Designers are also waving goodbye to rounded furniture styles of 2022. “Curved and arched furniture like the channel headboard, curved chaises, rounded sofas are going out.”

Try Instead: Polished Frames

California Modern

“There’s less and less of that clean, California modern.”

You know the look: It’s meant to be light and airy but ends up being fairly sterile with bright whites, earth tones, and lots of steel and glass.

Try Instead: Nods To Locality


Part of that California Modern style that we’ve said “good riddance” to is minimalism. “Something that’s going out is simple, minimalist bedding and pillows in that monochromatic style of whites and grays.”

Try Instead: Patterns And Textures

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