5 outdated (and impractical) living room storage ideas to avoid, according to interior designers


'Save the blanket chests for the bedroom where they truly belong,' says Kati Curtis. 'Instead of hiding a beautiful throw that adds character to your living room, drape it over your sofa to break up the monotony of a large living room seating piece. Blanket chests might be charming, but they are better suited for bedrooms where they can serve their intended purpose.'


Armoires can tick the aesthetically pleasing side of the task, but as anyone who has ever owned an armoire, when it comes to practicality, they can be severely lacking. It has been a huge living room trend over the last few years to use a massive armoire to disguise a TV – thought to be a better alternative to a console, or mounting the TV to a wall.


In theory, baskets are a great solution for living room storage and there was a time a basket, or collection of baskets, was a staple item for a busy family living space. They look lovely, they are easy to access and you can quickly throw anything in there when doing the evening pick-up. But it's actually this... ease of use that can make them a really impractical living room storage trend. They become a dumping ground in your living room, overflowing with tech, throw blankets, and items that don't belong in the living room but no one has attempted to return to their original home.


Living room shelving is ideal for giving you a space to store items, as well as creating an opportunity to add some decor. However, not all shelves were made equal and there are some designs we are definitely ready to see the back of. Glass shelving – you know the kind, it's very sleek and slimline, usually with a metallic frame, sometimes they have a funky, layout.


As interior design trends shift to be more sleek, streamlined, and simple, filling your living room with lots of different, separate items of furniture can make the room feel too fussy, and therefore dated. We think the most stylish spaces blend both – there are built-in designs that maximize the space and add plenty of storage, but there are also one or two freestanding pieces of storage that can add some interest and character.

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