5 of the best window treatments for winter – 'they'll make your home cozy and warm!'


Classic drapery is the epitome of winter window treatments. Heavy drapes in luxe fabrics make any room feel like a safe cocoon, everything you could want in the colder months.


Creating a welcoming interior during the colder months relies on a lot of organic and natural materials and playing with their textures. Rough wood paired with delicate cashmere is one of our favorite combinations, but this luxurious material shouldn't be reserved for your throws. For a window treatment that designers swear by, we're here to put wool curtains on your radar. 'Natural materials, especially wool or velvet, aren't just about aesthetics, they trap heat and wrap a room in winter warmth too,' says Artem Kropovinsky, Interior designer and founder at Arsight. To envelope your home in warmth try some wool-based curtains that are simultaneously practical and beautiful.


'The best window treatments for the winter are ones which provide a high amount of insulation, helping prevent heat from escaping through the windows,' says Isfira. 'Cellular shades, which have honeycomb cross-sections, act as fantastic insulators, significantly reducing heat loss in a space.'


In reality, we don't all have the time, or means, to be switching out our window treatments seasonally. Understandably people want to invest in the option that will work well throughout the year. However, if you do want to add a little more coverage for extra warmth during winter, try adding a thermal shade. 'If you aren’t a fan of switching curtains seasonally you can always layer your current curtain with a thin liner or thermal shade to further enhance insulation,' says Elizabeth Vergara, the founder and lead designer at Vergara Home. This is a trick interior designers often use to give some substance to lighter-weight curtains. 'I often use an interlining to help with insulation,' says principal designer and founder of TDV Design Tyler Del Vento. 'You can also add a lining, such as a blackout or privacy, in addition to the interlining.'


For the perfect winter window treatment, color is the finishing touch. Opt for rich jewel tones and lean into a moody living room style. 'A touch of deep hue, be it burgundy, emerald, or navy, can be a game changer,' suggests Artem. 'Not only do they capture winter vibes, but they also radiate warmth in a room.'

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