5 of the best flowering bushes for privacy that will block out nosy neighbors and also break out in beautiful blooms


Instead of a less interesting privacy fence, if you're looking for something that bursts with a bit of color, try the robust hydrangea. A firm favorite for the front yard, hydrangeas are often associated with Hamptons style decor and Cape Cod style with their offering of bountiful balls of flowers. They are also one of the best fast growing hedges for privacy, averaging at around two feet of growth a year.


Another excellent choice for your flowering privacy bush is the lilac bush, suitable for back or front yard landscaping. Growing to a tall height of 12 to 15 feet tall and substantial size, it's adored for its vibrant purple blooms and intoxicating fragrance. It's deciduous so it does shed its leaves from fall and throughout the winter, but in their peak times of the year, they are the perfect solution for privacy.


If you're keen on bold flowers, you can't go wrong with a beautiful camellia bush. With dark green waxy leaves that contrast against bursts of pale pink flowers, they look like a rose bush but grow wild and high meaning you can rely on this plant to line your home's yard.


I love a rhododendron - a classic choice for privacy hedges, offering large clusters of vibrant flowers in various bright hues. During their peak season, their flowers are truly spectacular. 'These evergreen shrubs create a lush and dense barrier when grown together,' says Zahid Adnan, plant expert at The Plant Bible.


Finally, for a reliable option for your flowering privacy bush, you can't go far wrong with the trusty hornbeam. They grow tall and are semi-evergreen meaning you can rely on them to block out an offending view or neighbor throughout the year. 'I love Hornbeams,' says Julie Farris from XS Space. 'They are considered semi-evergreen so they do lose about half their leaves, but the ones that stay turn a beautiful golden color in fall and winter.' This means even during the colder months you can rely on a fiery autumnal wall for privacy.

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