20 Orange Kitchens That Are Perfectly Punchy and Balanced

Ground the Space

While the bold orange cabinetry demands attention, it’s the hunter green vinyl flooring that really makes it sing. The cool tones and large pattern creating a grounding effect that keeps the cabinetry from running away with the space.

Go Bold With Appliances

These days, appliance types, finishes, and styles run the gamut. Take advantage of the broad scope of ranges available and consider opting for one in a fiery orange hue. It can give an otherwise neutral kitchen a dose of personality or even further the sunset-inspired theme of your kitchen.

Let Leather Take Centerstage

Natural materials in an orange colorway can be a more subdued way to bring this bold color to your kitchen. Keep it sleek with high-top barstools with metal legs for a streamlined look. While you can certainly use this style with an already colorful space, we find it really pops when incorporated into a more neutral landscape.

Go Bold

If you’re working with a blank-slate kitchen that needs a jolt of color, consider focusing on the cabinetry. A simple coat of orange paint and fresh hardware can be all the personality your space has been begging for.

Don’t Neglect the Floors

Flooring is a great way to incorporate orange tones into your kitchen in a fun and whimsical way. Consider how pattern can come to play underfoot with tile, painted floors, or stains. While a patterned floor can play with bolder paint colors throughout the kitchen, it can also work with more subdued tones.

Choose an Island Impact

Navy blue islands had their moment, but now it’s all about the warm and vibrant tones of orange. As with any paint color selection, it’s important to think about undertones and how they will work with other elements within the space.

Make It Mod

If you’re going orange, think about how you can go all in with mod decor. While this aesthetic isn’t for everyone, it can bring a dose of fun and whimsy in a big way if that’s what you’re looking for. Mid-century modern cabinets and a range of yellow, orange, and red shades draw the eye and create a centerpiece kitchen worth celebrating.

Give Impact to a Small Space

Even a small kitchen can become a place where orange can have its due. A small refrigerator in a blazing orange hue can provide just the punch a space that’s already full of nostalgia needs to bring it all home.

Make It Inspired

While bright orange isn’t for everyone, there are plenty of sunset-inspired shades that can deliver a similar look, perhaps with a more subdued style. Here, a golden orange shade plays off the natural tones found throughout the kitchen like wood and raffia, while playing decidedly well with the gold plumbing fixture and sink.

Utilize Connecting Spaces

This hallway caps off a bright and bold galley kitchen but, instead of shrinking away, the citrus-focused wallpaper calls on the orange tones found within the kitchen. While the hall is part of the kitchen, it serves its own unique purpose. Giving it a different style but one that still fits within that of the main space ties it all together.

Consider Orange Seating

Even your seating can bring a color splash. Keep in mind details like fabrics, patterns, and other elements that can add to the kitchen’s overall aesthetic. Here a velvet fabric paired with orange metal chairs creates a monotone look that sets up the space.

Give It an Accent

A shade that’s best described as a mix between apricot and orange serves as an accent color throughout the space. From a band at the bottom of pendant light fixtures above the island, to the barstools, and even tucked into the cabinets, it creates a sense of cohesion within the fun and whimsical color palette.

Pair With Pink

Don’t be afraid to have some fun when it comes to your complementary colors. Here, light pink and even a splash of teal provide the perfect counterpoint to a soft orange upper cabinet unit.

Look Inside

When utilizing glass doors for cabinetry, it’s always important to think about what’s in view—including the shelving.

Paint the Backsplash

Instead of a tiled wall, determine if a painted surface can work as your kitchen backsplash. Here, an earthy orange hue adds to the natural tones found throughout the rest of the space.

Top It Off

Thinking beyond the cabinetry, backsplashes, and paint, can mean branching out into your kitchen’s dining area as well. Simple dining chairs can add instant whimsy to the space when it brings a splash of orange to the table.

Consider Color Blocking

One way to keep the fiery tendencies of orange in check is to balance it with other shades. Black and white come into play in this space, creating a rule-of-thirds approach to color blocking that keeps the space both balanced and fun.

Frame It Up

It’s not all about floor to ceiling orange. Even a small framed print can bring this of-the-moment color to your kitchen, and in a way that can easily be swapped should its hue no longer deliver the aesthetic you’re going for.

Incorporate Small Details

Incorporating an orange color scheme into your kitchen doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing ordeal. Consider adding simple details that can add a punch without overpowering the space. Even pretty little tea tins can lend just the color splash your kitchen needs.

Don’t Neglect the Knobs

Orange is a color with enough personality and depth to ensure it shines no matter how small its application. Try it as a cutout on the cabinetry to serve as a pull, setting off deep, navy-blue drawers to perfection.

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