5 micro-bathrooms up to 4 m² (43 ft2) + cool ideas

1. Bathroom 3.7 m² (39.8 ft2) with shower and washing machine This tiny bathroom is in a typical one-bedroom apartment. Designer Polina Lebedeva designed it for her mother. The bathroom was abandoned in favor of a shower with a pallet and a glass “curtain”. Thanks to this solution, a washing machine and storage systems are also placed here.

2. Bathroom 2,9 m² (31.2 ft2) To increase the usable area, the toilet was combined with the bathroom, but the area still remained small. We installed a bath of 1500×700 mm and found a cabinet for the sink with a width of 720 mm – everything stood up perfectly.

3. Bathroom 3,85 m² (41.4 ft2) with spectacular tiles In this bathroom, the accent was made on a comfortable shower instead of a tiny bath. In the process of repair, it was possible to make a small niche for storing detergents.

4. Tiny bathroom of 3.38 m² (36.3 ft2) with shower In the bathroom behind the door is a designed shower area in the construction version. The washing machine had to be placed in front of the toilet, but we chose a narrow model so that we could safely open the door and load the laundry. Above the installation is a collector assembly.

5. Bathroom of 3.5 m² (37.6 ft2) with an unusual layout The bathroom was combined with a toilet, and the toilet was hidden behind a narrow partition. A full-fledged sink was donated and a compact washbasin was installed. To place the washing machine, we had to use a bath of a non-standard shape – but everything fit.

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