Modern + Vintage IKEA products: STOCKHOLM tables + FRIHETEN sofa and MALM chest of drawers

Designers in their projects do not bypass IKEA products but always try to add them in doses. True, there are interiors in which all rooms are furnished with IKEA products, and they look quite interesting.

Modern with Scandinavian and Provence elements IKEA products: LOHALS carpet In the interior of this living room, the IKEA lint-free carpet is perfectly combined with fabrics bought in Paris. Woven textured jute fiber carpet from a simple Scandinavian theme fits perfectly into the idea of Provencal style.

Loft IKEA products: IKEA nightstand (or chest of drawers NIKKEBY) The price tag of a brutal loft-style interior is much higher than the usual modern one due to unique furniture. But here, too, IKEA will come to the rescue, in the assortment of which there are inexpensive solutions for lovers of industrial design. An example of such a find is a bright metal chest of drawers in the interior of this studio.

Retro IKEA products: STRANDMON armchair In order for the classic IKEA armchair to fit into the atmosphere of the interior the new upholstery was quite enough. The designer chose a contrasting floral pattern from the range of fabrics from the same Swedish brand.

70s–80s IKEA products: sofa VALLENTUNA The range of the Swedish brand is ideal for creating a variety of nostalgic settings. Decorators know how to pair IKEA furniture with vintage and retro to maintain a harmonious atmosphere.