5 late summer blooms to plant now

1. Heleniums

Sun-loving Heleniums add an abundance of colour, bursting from mid-summer through into autumn.

2. Heliopsis

Heliopsis, or ‘fake sunflowers’ are available in a range of heights from 40cm to two meters, with three-inch double or single flowers of beautiful yellows and oranges, surrounding golden centre cones.

3. Penstemon

These upright, bushy plants have tubular, trumpet-shaped flowers often flaring at the tip, surrounded by narrowed, linear green leaves.

4. Crocosmia

Crocosmia come in a range of hot summer colours from orange to yellow and red.

5. Japanese Anemones

Japanese anemones boast cup-shaped pink or white flowers on the top of tall stems and can spread rapidly, so can be a great means of filling borders

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