Diet is always a limitation. It turns out that in order to help the body get used to a new lifestyle and not “break down”, it is enough to optimize the interior of your kitchen.

Dieting is physically and mentally difficult. But if you correctly organize and decorate the kitchen space, it will be much more comfortable to adhere to the new diet, and most importantly, it will be easier to consolidate the result. Scientific research confirms that our environment influences our eating habits.

Spoiler alert: you don’t have to repaint walls in cool colors and buy new furniture for this.

Hang up the sticker board The wall-mounted writing board is a stylish and functional accessory. It will not only become an original decoration of the dining area but will also help to comply with the diet and exercise regimen.

Hide junk food away If you are not yet ready to completely cut out junk food, keep it out of sight. According to psychologists, we eat not only because of the feeling of hunger. Overeating can be caused by anxiety , loneliness, or boredom.

Fill open shelves with crockery If your kitchen has open shelves, remove food from there and fill the vacated space with dishes. One type of food alone gives us a false hunger. The habit of following his lead can lead to overeating, obesity, and metabolic disorders. Therefore, nutritionists recommend reducing visual contact with food as much as possible (cover a vase with fruit and snacks with a towel).

Use food containers Food containers help preserve the taste of food and get rid of unpleasant odors in the refrigerator. In addition, they are compact and do not take up much space. And it is also an indispensable thing for all those who follow a diet. For example, they can be used to control the number of portions. Divide the food that you plan to eat during the day into several parts according to the number of meals, put it in separate containers, and send it to the refrigerator.

Organize your refrigerator correctly The refrigerator should be not only clean but also well organized. This is especially worth watching for those who want to lose weight. Psychologists are sure that order on the shelves helps to form and maintain gastronomic discipline. To lose weight, try a “rearrangement”. First of all, hide foods that are dangerous to your figure in the lower or upper compartments. Looking into the refrigerator, the first thing we do is reach for what is in plain sight.