5 kitchen cabinet colors interior designers are avoiding for 2024 - and the shades they're picking instead


There is no doubt that navy has a real traditional feel to it. It's luxe when paired with bronze or gold accents, but I for one feel like navy is a little overdone in the kitchen. 'Hues like navy, once considered classic, are losing their charm as people gravitate towards more versatile and contemporary palettes in the kitchen,' says Troy Vincent, 180 Degrees Design + Build firm partner.

2. RED

Red is a strong and vibrant color and should be used in the kitchen with caution. Red kitchens once meant dousing an accent wall in a vibrant shade, but we're seeing a move toward smaller doses of red. 'In the ever-evolving world of interior architecture, we're witnessing a shift away from the traditional and somewhat dated use of colors like red,' says Troy.


Kitchen trends have leaned towards a spectrum of beige and neutral tones in recent years, but we're noticing a shift away from this palette as homeowners look to add a little more interest and color. 'While I wouldn’t say any specific colors are going out of style, I think homeowners are now steering away from light neutral paint colors for kitchens and are looking to add more color into their homes,' says Sue of Sherwin Williams.


Bright white has long been a popular kitchen trend but there is a definite move away from those gleaming white kitchens to something that feels more layered and cozy. While an all-white kitchen may have a clean and modern look, it can also appear sterile and cold. This trend has been overdone, and homeowners are now looking for more warmth and personality in their kitchen design.


The black kitchen trend has long been dominating, but for 2024, we're moving away from jet black towards softer shades, says Montreal-based designer, Sophie P-Lefebvre.

'Black and dark shades in general have shown their limits. Dark colors in fact shrink the space,' she says. 'Besides that, dark shades can also appear boring and can become boring more easily. This does not mean, however, that you should completely forget about dark shades, they can bring depth and a particular dimension to the room.'

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