5 Interior Paint Techniques That Will Be Everywhere in 2024, According to Designers

Monochrome Rooms

Also known as color drenching, don't be afraid to go all-in on one color in 2024. "I’m loving monochrome rooms in a deep moody tone like Dark Everglade or Midnight Blue from Behr—painting the walls, ceiling, and trim all the same color to make things like wood tones and lighting pop in the space," says Cara Newhart, Behr ambassador and interior designer.

Full Gloss Ceilings

Joa Studholme, color curator for Farrow & Ball, agrees that ceilings should absolutely be painted something other than white—and that they should be painted the same color as your walls. "Although ceilings are so often painted in some ubiquitous colorless paint, there is no rule to say that they have to be white," she says. "The fashion of painting ceilings the same color as walls will explode in 2024 with the realization that we don’t want the size and shape of rooms to be defined by the ceiling." Beyond the color choice for your ceiling, also consider using a full gloss finish for a dramatic look as well.

Patterned Flooring

Don't overlook the idea of painting your floor—it's doable and can bring a unique look to your space. "One of my favorite techniques is upleveling an old floor with a unique pattern like a neutral plaid," says Newhart. If you have wood floors that have sustained some level of damage, consider painting them in a unique pattern like what Newhart did above in a historic 1840s sunroom. "We designed a custom plaid pattern, primed, and painted the floor with Blank Canvas from Behr," says Newhart.

Multiple Paint Finishes in One Room

"I love to use a combination of finishes on walls, which makes spaces feel more interesting— transforming the ordinary into extraordinary," says Studholme. "With a single color, use Full Gloss [the company's highest sheen] on the trim and bottom half wall to create ultimate durability and bounce the light around, alongside Dead Flat [their most matt] on the upper walls to bring interest and dimension while highlighting the architectural detail. This is an important trend in 2024. "

Faux Chalk Paint

Bring texture into your home with the faux chalk-paint look—all you have to do is mix baking soda into interior paint to achieve this style. "You can also achieve this by mixing Plaster of Paris into the paint and using it to uplevel things like thrifted glassware or an existing lamp that needs a makeover," says Newhart. "My go-to color picks for a project like this are Cracked Pepper by Behr to add depth and dimension to any space or Even Better Beige by Behr for an old-world faux plaster look."

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