5 Interior Design Trends we Predict Will go Viral in 2024 – and How to Make Them Work for Your Home


Sculptural furniture has been around for some time now – as evidenced by the popularity of curved everything – but the next iteration from designers, a penchant for almost conceptual pieces, will gain traction in people’s homes. There are some limits, however. We might not be reaching for these pieces for our seating, for example – a highly sculptural chair doesn’t make for a comfortable experience – but accent pieces like side tables and consoles, as well as accessories, will increasingly find a place in everyday interiors.


Airy, dusty light blues, with a hint of gray, are set to be big news in 2024 – and they pair perfectly with another entry on our list, burned amber. Just check out this bedroom scheme by London design studio cúpla. ‘They are stunning sunset and twilight colors, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they went viral this year,’ says Stacy Waggoner, founder of Studio Four NYC. ‘They’re so warm and beautiful – who wouldn’t want to live with these gorgeous colors? I love Australian brand Rouse Phillips’s Lotus wallpaper and fabric in Opal – it’s the perfect depiction of this trend.’


Perhaps it’s the allure of ‘collected’ interiors, as Meridith Owen explained above, that is seeing fabrics and patterns with a handmade quality becoming increasingly popular beyond designers. Often featuring embroidered or block-printed pattern inspired by folklore, crafts and traditional techniques from around the world – in the picture above, the sofas are clad in fabric inspired by Mexico from French brand Élitis – these patterns are set to take over in 2024.


Terracotta accents were – and still are – big news in interiors, but the next shade to filter down to the mainstream will be burned amber – a richer, more luxe take on these deep orange-reds. 'The resurgence of amber tones is reshaping design landscapes, infusing warmth and luxury,’ says De'Lisa Stringer, a designer based in Raleigh, North Carolina. ‘These hues draw people in, create feelings of comfort, and are seamlessly versatile across many styles.’ In the scheme above by Truss Interiors, the chairs add warmth and depth to the dining space.


We saw a significant rise in designers using wall murals in their schemes in 2023 – and we think this idea will be used in more homes as decorators become braver with their pattern and color choices. They are, after all, an incredibly simple way to inject character into a space. ‘The current trend for murals is driven by offering a high-end design aesthetic at a cost comparable to traditional wallpaper,’ says Seattle-based designer Jessica Dorling.

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