Used items are the perfect way to add beautiful and interesting decor to your interior without spending thousands of dollars. In thrift stores, you can find not only vintage gizmos but also modern ones that are no longer needed by someone.

1. Candlesticks Everything new is well-forgotten old. And trendy – even more so. Many candlesticks from popular home stores are modern interpretations or revivals of past trends.

2. Books You can find really interesting, vintage, and even rare pieces. While someone is unfolding books with their spines inside the cabinet, go backward and use the spines and covers of certain colors and designs as an accent, or vice versa, to support the overall mood of the room.

3. Glass products Glassware and other decor made from this fragile material is another significant cost item in interior design. Thrift shops or flea markets have a lot of glass items – glasses of an unusual shape, napkin holders, and figurines.

4. Pictures and frames You can often find stylish paintings in second-hand shops. Not necessarily paintings in the classical sense: vintage posters, pages from old textbooks, posters, and sketches, decorated with beautiful frames.

5. Furniture And, finally, the largest thing that can be purchased in the commission shop is furniture. If you manage to find a good option with a twist for nothing, consider that you hit the jackpot.