5 Expert Tips for Decorating Your Holiday Mantel to Make It Stand Out

Look to Nature

Before you head to the store, look outdoors for some inspiration. There are many natural elements that will look beautiful on your mantel this holiday season; use these as a foundation for your vignette. Lindsey Gregg, a designer with Big Sky Design in Wilmington, North Carolina, enjoys draping a live magnolia or cedar garland across her mantel and then threading felt ribbon through the greenery and tying bows to the corners. Best of all, this project is easy and affordable, she explains.

Go Neutral

Keep in mind that you don't have to embrace bright reds and other loud Christmasy hues if your aesthetic leans more neutral. "I love to decorate mine with winter decor rather than holiday-specific pieces," notes Michelle Gage, the founder of Michelle Gage Interior Design in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. For example, the designer says, to consider displaying glass or bottle brush trees that are icy blue, silver, or white in hue. To mix things up, Gage will still display candles in more vibrant shades, such as plum, berry, and blush.

Add Lights to Your Garland

Spice up any garland, whether it's fresh or faux, with something extra—string lights—suggests Missy Steffens, the founder of M. Steffens Interiors in Memphis. She likes to loosely wrap a set of battery-powered lights around her garland for a cozy, twinkly effect.

Make Use of Stick-On Hooks

Stick-on wall hooks will come in handy in many ways as you decorate your mantel for the season. Steffens likes to use them to keep greenery in place, but they can also hold stockings, wreaths, and much more. Most adhesive hooks are easily removable, making them an excellent option for those who are renters, too.

Hang a Wreath Above the Mantel

Don't forget to jazz up the wall above your mantel, too, this holiday season. Remember that wreaths aren't just for the outdoors but will add a festive touch to your interior spaces as well. Steffens likes the idea of using a ribbon to tie a wreath over a mirror or piece of art—use whatever is already hanging above the mantel in your home.

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