5 kitchen trends to avoid for a unique and timeless design

1. Clear glass cabinets

Glass cabinets have always been a popular option for kitchens, as they offer valuable kitchen storage while recreating the airy feel of open shelving - without the worry of dust. However, we've noticed that clear glass options will bare your crockery crimes (whether that's mismatched designs or crusty cutlery) to guests in an instant.

2. Plain palettes

Thanks to its fresh tone and classic appeal, white kitchens have been a timeless choice for the past decade. However, it can sometimes leave a room feeling cold, clinical, and lacking in individuality.

3. Brass accessories

Glitzy and glamorous, brass fixtures have been a huge hit over the past few years. Their gold-like tone adds premium appeal to any space, making it simple to elevate an interior without breaking the bank. 'The trend for brass has been a favourite for many years now, and one we adore,' says William. 'However, for 2024, gunmetal or darker metal finishes for hardware are flourishing.'

4. Statement illumination

Sadly, the popularity of pendant lights over islands and dining areas is coming to an end. We know, we can't believe it either! Because kitchens are used for so much more than cooking, lighting trends have veered towards options that can adapt to different activities for a versatile ambience. This lacklustre look is easy to fix, though. Simply add kitchen lighting to other points in the design for that layered effect. Integrated under-cabinet illumination makes it easier to see what's cooking and adds a cosy glow for after-dinner drinks.

5. Breakfast bars and islands without comfortable seating

Kitchen islands and breakfast bars can always be found near the top of any kitchen layout ideas list - and with good reason. They provide extra workspace, storage, and add an eye-catching focal point to a layout. However, sometimes, in an effort to squeeze these in, seating is not properly considered.

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