'Live more happily' - 5 easy ways to turn your patio into a calm and relaxing oasis


Outdoor curtains are the simplest way to make your patio look more expensive, but they also help to create a calming environment.

'a white, veil-like muslin drape on the ends of your pergola can add a touch of gentle movement and elegance,' says Studio Arth landscape architect Rituparna Simlai. 'These elements go beyond the conventional practices/style and add a charm to the outdoor space, making it a personalized haven of relaxation.'


'This is certainly an indulgence, but there's nothing like the sound of running water from a small fountain,' says Landscape designer Jake Sebok, 'it can be incredibly relaxing.' Whilst a water feature won't be for everyone, and they are an investment, they are a great modern garden idea. If you are really looking to find your zen and water feature can help you get there.


Playing on the five senses is a key way to create a relaxing patio. Aromatherapy has long been a staple of the well-being community, praised for its calming effects. Therefore when we are creating a calming environment scent is at the top of our list. Whilst in the home we may opt for candles and incense to keep your house smelling gorgeous, for the patio we lean towards natural solutions.


Good lighting is an essential element for turning your patio from a spooky dark abyss to a warm and inviting space to relax well into the evening. 'Soft lighting can enhance the ambiance,' says Jake, 'consider solar lanterns or string lights for a gentle, warm glow.' There is almost nothing some fine fairy lights can't fix, and the patio is no exception. Including some outdoor tree lighting will also extend the life of your patio, taking it from day to night, and even more important as we approach fall where 4pm feels like 10 pm.


'To my mind, creating a relaxing patio involves a blend of comfortable furnishings, inviting aesthetics, and personal touches,' says Jakes. 'You want to make the space you're going to spend time in personal. Incorporate elements that bring you joy, whether that's a fire pit for cool evenings, a bird feeder to attract local birds or a space for outdoor yoga.'

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