5 easy ways to make your home feel warmer, according to interior experts

1. Thick rugs or floor runners

If you have hardwood and laminate flooring throughout your home, it can often feel chilly to walk around. Despite looking more aesthetically pleasing and practical to clean, retaining heat is not one of hardwood's best qualities. Thick, plush rugs add layers to the floor, working wonders to insulate the room and helping reduce heat loss. In fact, rugs are known to retain up to 20% more heat, saving you on your heating bills! While it might seem simple enough laying a rug down, there are a few things to consider, according to experts.

2. Toasty throws and soft furnishings

Another easy way to make your home feel warmer is to invest in blankets, toasty throws and plush velveteen cushions. In particular, if you layer different types of fabrics, these can keep you cozy as well as look stylish. “Now that all of your major surfaces are covered, it’s time to start considering the finer details," Greig says. "Social areas can become chilly quite easily during the colder months, so it is important to equip them with homely soft furnishings to ooze comfort and snug vibes”.

3. Hang up heavy curtains

If you feel a chill coming through the windows, hanging up heavy curtains and drapes can keep out draughts while also preventing heat from escaping. Far from being outdated, there are plenty of contemporary styles, designs, and curtain fabrics to suit your interior style. “Certain design choices such as blackout curtains and blackout blinds don’t just lend themselves to adding warmth to interiors visually, but are actually designed to insulate the home by keeping heat in during the warmer months making them a great economical choice as well,” suggests Amy Wilson, interior designer for 247 Curtains .

4. Add warm lighting

You can create a warm ambiance by adding the right type of lighting in a room. Consider warm tones for a cozy setting, and avoid bright white, clinical lighting that will make a room feel cold. In addition, dimmers are a great way to control the levels of brightness to suit your mood. With a dimmer, you can easily switch between a bright illumination to a soft glow when you’re ready to relax and unwind.

5. Upgrade your comforter

Another easy way to feel instant warmth is to simply upgrade your bed linen and duvet. When investing in one of the best comforters, opt for a thicker, heavier fabric designed for winter months. According to Grieg, “Velvet is well known to be an excellent insulator, so it is a great choice to dress your bed, and keep you warm and cosy whilst you slumber. Plus, it looks super chic and is sumptuously soft, so you’re sure to sleep well."

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