5 dining room trends that will be huge in 2023

1. Bold, vibrant colours

2023 will be the year of bold colour, thanks to Pantone announcing Viva Magenta as its Colour of the Year. Barbiecore will also influence this, especially in the run-up to the premiere of the highly-anticipated Barbie film.

2. A nod towards all things natural

A complete contrast to Pantone's Viva Magenta, Dulux's softly whimsical Colour of the Year is Wild Wonder. The warm and welcoming neutral shade is sure to be popular in 2023, especially in laidback and understated dining rooms.

3. Informal dining

Say goodbye to formal, spaced-out dinnertime seating and rigid mealtimes thanks to increased interest in banquette seating, indicating a move towards informal group dining and space-saving seating options. It's also a smart and functional option if your dining room forms part of your kitchen or living room.

4. Vintage florals

Vintage home decor is seeing a surge in interest, ​with ‘eclectic interior design vintage’ currently trending on Pinterest. Searches for the term on the site are also up 850 per cent. This trend embraces antique chic, with plenty of botanical patterns and traditional serveware such as tea sets.

5. Diagonal dining

Is your dining area quite narrow or in an awkward space? Enter diagonal dining, which essentially involves pivoting your table to a diagonal angle by combining the social practicalities of a round table with the shape and size of a rectangle table.

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