5 Decor Accents That Make Offbeat Choices for Styling Your Home

DIY Wall Art

If you love painting, then showcase your creativity with a DIY artwork, It could be a sketch, canvas art, knife painting, charcoal artwork, or just about anything that reflects your creative expertise, Nestle it in attractive frames and beautify your walls. From the foyer, living room, dining zone, kitchen, and bedroom, to the bathroom; you can proudly flaunt the DIY artwork and impress everyone!


Tapestries make a must-add decor solution for bohemian, maximalist, and eclectic style spaces. Tapestries are either embroidered, woven, printed, or hand-painted fabrics that can added to walls as it is or can be framed as well. You can also add them to the seating and use them as a layered fabric option. Opt for folk-art-inspired or mandala-style tapestry which can be selected from different vibrant tones and patterns!

Woven Baskets

Woven baskets are not simply a surface to hold essential objects like fruits but they can also be flaunted as one-of-kind decor pieces. Select a few baskets from different colors and shapes and decorate the empty wall in your home. Ideally, select a narrow wall that has remained vacant or neglected for no specific reason. The woven baskets make a great choice for decorating the foyer, reading corner, and even balcony!


Those who love books, already understand the importance of adding them in spaces. Neatly stacked books on the shelves or even on the surfaces of coffee tables, side tables, consoles, and even floors attract a viewer. Explore books based on your preferences and use them as unique decor pieces. Books with interesting topics, information, and photos make a thoughtful choice for decorating the coffee table. Simply put, books are conversation-striking objects and always add that impressive touch to spaces!

Indoor Plants

A touch of greenery never hurts anyone and design experts often stress adding beautiful indoor plants to your home. Pick them from sizes (succulents, mini plants, creepers, oversized floor plants) of your preference and define the most unexpected corners and surfaces of your space i.e. tables, shelves, cabinets, ceilings, and of course floors. Ensure to plant them in attractive pots and planers and let your home feel special and nature-bound!

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