5 current trends in kitchen design

From Art Deco to Minimalism: New Kitchen Collections. Aesthetic appearance, advanced technology, and individual approach never go out of style.

1. Blurred boundaries The kitchen is increasingly seen as part of the living space, which means that the shapes and materials of kitchen furniture should visually match the interior of the living room or dining room. A feature of the Teramo kitchen from the Maria factory is facades with “striped” milling, reminiscent of slats or planks.

2. New minimalism At home, we strive to take a break from the information and visual noise, so the trend is simple and understandable minimalist interiors as if filled with light and air. The Integrato kitchen is extremely laconic: strict facades, lack of unnecessary details, and practicality.

3. Closer to nature Many people live in an urbanized environment, losing touch with nature. Compensating for its lack, we turn to the natural palette, floral patterns, and natural materials. The loft-style Antro kitchen attracts with textures: natural slate veneer and wood of different species.

4. Color harmony Color helps to relax and fill with energy, giving the interior a formal or more relaxed atmosphere. In the kitchen, where we spend a lot of time every day, color is especially important. The Camelia kitchen impresses with its versatility and rich palette: 10 exclusive shades in the spirit of the most fashionable trends plus the ability to paint the facades according to RAL and NCS palettes (as well as Allure and Integrato kitchens).

5. Sensuality Often spending time at home, we want the environment to have a pleasant effect on the senses. The list of trends includes the layering of various textures that are pleasing to the eye and pleasant to the touch. In the Allure kitchen, addressed to connoisseurs of Art Deco aesthetics, attention was paid to the smallest details: cornices and plinths, columns and supports, golden decorative handles, and the Gola profile.

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