Even in a little apartment, you can equip a comfortable and stylish kitchen. Don’t believe us? See vivid examples of designers.


1. Five Square Meters The designer made the entrance to the kitchen from the living room and brought the dining table into the room. Thanks to this, it was possible to place a corner kitchen set with all household appliances on 5 m2

2. Kitchenette with everything you need When arranging the kitchen area, they proceeded with the fact that the customer rarely cooks. The kitchen set was chosen linear and with upper drawers up to the ceiling. The authors of the project provided for a built-in small refrigerator in the kitchen base so as not to overload the space. The stove was chosen for two burners, a built-in dishwasher with a width of 45 cm.

3. Unusual kitchen in a tiny space The area of this typical one-room apartment is only 28 square meters. And in order to organize a comfortable kitchen and living room here, the wall between them was dismantled. Everywhere on the floor, there is a single covering – a parquet board made of dice of different colors. Light shades were chosen for the walls, and an orange apron became the accent.

4. Cool kitchen with a budget renovation The kitchen is small – 5.9 sq. m. It was attached to the living room – for this, workers cut off the gas pipe. Due to the passage and linear layout, the kitchen looks quite spacious. The white set and the wood grain chipboard top fit perfectly into the interior. The sill was slightly extended to accommodate everything you need. It is made of oak furniture board.

5. Unusual kitchen for Sous-chef This apartment needed a large kitchen with two hobs and a variety of household appliances. Therefore, redevelopment was indispensable. As a result, the kitchen and dining area took over the main area. The kitchen itself remained within its borders, only the wall separating it from the room was removed and a bar counter was made.

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