“My artificial flowers dried up because I didn’t water them enough,” joked the legendary American stand-up comedian Mitch Hedberg


Meet the guide to five house plants that are nearly impossible to kill, even if you really try hard to get rid of them.

Cast-Iron Plant

Once widely loved, this flower has been forgotten, but today its popularity is growing again. Named after the metal alloy – Cast Iron Plant, it is also unbending and unpretentious, like cast iron. This plant is indifferent to frequent watering and feels great without water for weeks. If you forget to water it for a long time, don’t panic! Cast-Iron plant has a wonderful property to revive again and again.


Native to West Africa, this flower is a true “lone wolf” – the more you ignore it, the better it feels. Seriously, don’t do anything! Going on vacation for three weeks? Fine! He will faithfully wait for you at home, not demanding anything in return.

Jade plant

Jade plant loves to swim in the sun because her homeland is South Africa and Mozambique, so find a bright corner for her in your home. This flower doesn’t need to be watered on schedule either, just feel the ground once a week or two, and if the soil is too dry, give the plant some moisture. It is believed that the Jade plant brings good luck and even money, in honor of which she was nicknamed “The Money Tree”.


A native of Southeast Asia, rubber ficus, as the name suggests, has given the world one important industrial ingredient – rubber. Today it is known as a popular houseplant, and its large, dark green leaves are perfect for decorating the interior with wooden furniture. A rubber ficus can grow up to 15 meters in height (you have high ceilings, right?)


Aloe is one of the most common wild plants in Africa and India. This flower will continue to grow, despite all your efforts to send it to the next world.

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