5 common signs that your boiler needs replacing – don’t be left in the cold this winter

Five Signs Your Boiler Needs Replacing

1. Energy Consumption

If your home is fitted with a meter, keep an eye on the energy readings. It is also worth keeping an eye on your energy bill. An unexpectedly high reading or bill could all point to a boiler acting up. This is because a boiler will use a lot more energy when it’s not working at full capacity, trying to reach its optimum operations.

2. Strange Noises

If your boiler is whistling or sounds like an angry postman hammering at the door, that’s a clear sign that it needs some attention. Think of those sounds as the boiler crying out for help as it struggles to do its job.

3. Appliances Are Taking Longer To Warm Up

This is one of the earliest tell-tale signs that your boiler isn’t working properly. If the hot water tap is taking a while to run warm, or the radiators aren’t heating up when you turn the heating on, get your boiler checked. Catching this early could make all the difference between a simple boiler repair, or forking out for an expensive new boiler.

4. Leaking Water

Puddles near your boiler are a very bad sign. A water leak can mean only one thing - parts or the boiler are not working. They could be dysfunctional or simply wearing away. This is a worry not only for the damage the water can cause to the boilers surroundings. But it could lead to more serious problems such as a gas leakage in the future.

5. Nasty Smells

If there’s a bad smell coming from your boiler, don’t just light a candle to cover it up. A bad smell needs urgent professional attention as it could be a deadly carbon monoxide lead.

Can I Fix A Boiler Without Calling An Engineer?

You can perform basic checks on your own. These include turning on gas appliances and checking for a flame or seeing if a fuse has tripped. For anything more than this Assett Plumbing recommends bringing in a professional. Tinkering around with a boiler when you don’t know what you're doing could not only end up being expensive, but extremely dangerous.

How Often Should You Check Your Boiler?

Your boiler should be checked yearly by a professional ideally.  The engineer should check the flue (both inside and outside the house), operating pressure and heat output and all seals. A full safety check should be carried out, and they should provide a signed service report

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