5 colours that will instantly make your kitchen feel cosy

1. Mellow yellow

Given how bright and sunny they can be, you might be surprised to find yellow kitchen ideas topping our list of cosy options. But yellow is an incredibly versatile shade that can bring all the cosy vibes, as interior designer Mary Barber Fray attests.

2. Deep red

Moving onto more obvious cosy colour territory, dark red is a visually warming choice that’s perfect for creating an intimate, even romantic, kitchen. Here, Farrow & Ball’s Preference Red, makes this small kitchen feel incredibly cosy.

3. Dusky pink

If red is a little too bold, consider on-trend dirty, dusky pink, which has red undertones but is a little softer and easier on the eye. ‘It’s a colour that imbues warmth and gives a homely glow, perfect for bringing a sense of comfort into the kitchen,’ explains kitchen designer, Tom Howley.

4. Emerald green

As well as adding a layer of luxury, the rich emerald lustre of dark, jewel green, is the cosiest way to do dark kitchen ideas. ‘Deep green is an excellent colour choice when it comes to creating a cosy kitchen as choosing this shade instantly adds a touch of nature providing a comforting look and feel, especially when combined with a wooden floor in a medium to dark colour way,’ agrees Rebecca Nokes, Design Director of John Lewis of Hungerford, whose favourite deep green is Mid Azure Green by Little Greene.

5. Warm off-whites

Admittedly the majority of white kitchen ideas are anything but cosy. Light and uplifting, yes, but rarely toasty warm. The clue is in the name, but if you’re a neutrals fan that’s in dire need of a homely, inviting atmosphere, a warm white could be just the ticket.

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