Interior designer shares 5 clever and stylish ways to instantly brighten up a dark room

1. Adopt warm lighting

Particularly in January, our homes might feel darker and more drab, which is where the use of lighting can dramatically improve your home. Introduce warm lighting, and at different heights to spread the light across the whole room, creating an atmospheric environment. Don’t underestimate the way that lamps can combine visual effects, especially with unique designs to complement your interior style.

2. Don’t shy away from colour

For an instant mood-booster, infuse colour into your decor. With a direct impact on our emotions, colours can dramatically inject positivity into our homes, brightening the decor effortlessly. Whether you want to commit to a bigger change and paint the walls or create a feature wall, or instead want to utilise ornaments and furniture for more subtle splashes of colour, you won’t regret it as you see how it transforms your home.

3. Make use of greenery

Simple additions to your home like plants, or even faux plants, are perfect for bringing the outside in during colder months, often contributing to improving your health and wellbeing. With natural materials and colours, you can fill empty spaces or improve areas of your home with eye-catching greenery, creating a more complete interior style that instantly looks more inviting.

4. Artwork and photography

Bare walls face the likelihood of making your decor feel lacking and unfinished, not making use of vital spaces for fun, colour, and style. Paintings and prints are the perfect tool for brightening your home and refreshing your interior, allowing you to inject your personality and unique taste into your home. Or, print some of your favourite photos off and create a collage on your wall in varying frames, sharing memories in a stylish, eye-catching way.

5. Layer cosy textures

Of course, ensuring your home is cosy and inviting in such a slow month is crucial for beating those January blues. Perhaps you’re staying in more during weekends, so investing in some plush, warm throws, lavish cushions and chic rugs can dramatically enhance your space. Introduce texture to your home and replace cold, dull decor with attractive, sophisticated touches that double up as functional items to maintain that homely effect.

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