The 5 Best Flowers to Sow in January for a Spectacular Backyard Through Spring and Summer


Snapdragon seeds are perfect to sow in January as they flourish in cold weather. 'Start seeds indoors and transplant when they're about 6 inches tall,' says Zahid Adnan from The Plant Bible. 'Choose a sunny location with well-drained soil.' Snapdragons usually bloom in late spring to early summer, so you won't be waiting too long to see the vibrant colored flowers bloom around your garden borders.


Another great flower to sow in January is pansies. 'For a splash of color, sowing pansies in January is great. They're cold-tolerant and can be started indoors,' says gardening blogger Tony O'Neill. 'When sown now, they'll be ready to brighten up your garden in early spring, making them a rewarding choice for early-year planting.' These pretty pansies (and the smaller variety, violas) are one of the most popular flowers in the backyard, and are more aromatic in the early morning and at dusk, perfect for a fragrant evening.


Also known as the Christmas rose, early-blooming hellebores are shade-loving and long flowering, with glossy green foliage and unique, deeply rich petals. They look striking and unusual and can flower even in snowy weather.


A close relative of pansies, violas are cheerful, sprightly, and lightly perfumed, perfect for bridging the gap between the colder months and summer. They bloom in violets, lilacs, pinks, and deep blues, and can turn even a small garden into a flower haven.


'Delphiniums are another flower good for January, and they can grow up to six feet tall', says Dan. Delphiniums make an absolutely stunning addition to your garden, with towering indigo flowers that are perfect for landscaping. They can also grow in whites, pinks and reds, and their vivid colors create an eye-catching display, immediately elevating your backyard. Ready to introduce some colorful blooms to your outdoor space? Get growing this month with these floral ideas!

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