The 5 bad kitchen habits I finally fixed – and you should too

1. Going Too Long Without Decluttering My Kitchen

If you have read anything from me recently, you will know I have been going big on decluttering tips. It is possibly ironic, then, that I had left my kitchen cabinets to build up clutter.

2. Letting Knives Go Dull

Sharpening my knives was not something I really thought about until my partner pointed out that it took all the effort we had just to cut through an onion. After all, I don’t work in a professional kitchen, what was the point in having a fancy chef's knife? As it turns out, this was probably my biggest misconception.

3. Using Metal Utensils On Non-Stick Pans

After spending a lot of money on some of the best non-stick frying pans and saucepans I neglected to read that using metal utensils on them would damage the non-stick coating and ruin my pans! Now, this is probably my most expensive bad kitchen habit that I am thankful I have broken.

4. Using The Counter As A Chopping Block

Now I do own cutting boards, but they are mainly decorative and not very practical. They are cheaper wood that looks wonderful stacked against my backsplash for aesthetic purposes but not so much when you take a knife to them.

This is why I occasionally just end up using my counter, or even the plate I am about to eat from, as a chopping block instead. I know that this is lazy of me (although it does save on washing up) but buying a new, solid wood cutting board like this one on Amazon was one of the best additions to my kitchen.

5. Using The Same Sponge For Every Clean Up

My most embarrassing bad kitchen habit was the fact that I would grab my washing-up sponge to also wipe down spills on the side, whether this was flour or sauce. My logic was that the sponge would be touching those things anyway when washing up plates and bowls but what I didn't think about was how I was spreading bacteria from my counters to my washing up.

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