49 Stylish Bedroom Ideas For The Best Bedroom Design

Built-ins for Small Bedroom Ideas

You can utilize the built-ins by displaying some art or books on it. It is a valuable bedroom feature when saving storage space. Coloring the back of the built-in with bright colors like electric blue or hot pink will rejuvenate your bedroom.

Checks & Stripes

Give life to your somber backdrop by adding checked or stripped linen, pillows, or blankets. With bold colors like sunset orange or warm yellow, let the lines speak for themselves. So check those checks and stripe up for a beautiful bedroom idea. A woolen mattress with giant checks will blend perfectly with your geometrical bedroom design.

Antique Furnishing for your Master Bedroom Ideas

For bedroom furniture ideas, antique furnishings are timeless treasures that can transport you to its golden age and add a touch of nostalgia. Traditional chairs with pale pink slipcovers can be teamed with an antique French gilded mirror. Complete the picture by pushing a light blue rolled-arm sofa lounge at the foot of the bed.

Scalloped Pillows

For a soft and curvy finish, throw in some scalloped pillows. Customize the edges of the scalloped pillows with dark colors instead of crisp whiteness. Soft-colored scalloped pillows like blush pink or soft blue will add charm when paired with light or dark colors.

Natural/Sustainable Alternatives

With the world taking a massive step towards sustainability, can bedroom designs be far behind? Wooden furniture, breathable fabric, energy-efficient lighting options, and mindful linen are the starting steps. You can decorate the interior with used arched windows to retain the natural touch.

Layers for Bedroom Interior Design

Give an extra comfy touch to your bedroom design by layering it up. Gone are the days of dull wooden floors; lay a mattress around the bedroom to add depth.

Elegant Glass Lights

Adorn your bedside tables with elegant glass lights. Soft and warm glass lights can create an ambiance of peace. You can even try to hang the glass lights over some architectural element to highlight it. The glass lights will add a modern stroke to your bedroom design when paired with a glass door.

Bedroom Ceiling Design

Uniquely designing the ceiling creates a different focal point in your bedroom apart from the bed. Dark-colored ceilings or wallpaper ceilings are taking over the interior. A different-colored roof gives a spacious atmosphere.

Spring-Inspired Colors

Spring is symbolic of a fresh start. You can indulge in a spring-themed bedroom design by adding those heart-warming spring hues to the decor. Try sage-colored walls, add lilac cushions, or hang coral-colored artwork to capture that glorious spring bloom.

Ceiling to Floor Drapes

Cover up with ceiling-to-floor drapes and give a luxurious nudge to your overall calming bedroom design. Classy white gauze curtains will help with the natural light play. You can create a unique design by draping silver textured curtains to a blush-gray bedroom.

Additional Seating for Master Bedroom

For some peaceful me time, create a cozy corner in your bedroom. Snuggle up on a vintage armchair or an upholstered sofa with a soft pouf to relax those leg muscles. With an addition of a rattan pendant light, you have the perfect corner for reading or just scrolling through memes

Restful Linens

Cozy, soft-colored linens make a great bedroom design. Wrap the room in comfort by adding soft-colored linens. Or go wild with multi-colored or brightly textured linen.

Home Office

You can turn one corner of the bedroom into your home office. Built-ins can be perfect for implementing a home office. A shelf for storage with a small table for a desktop will suffice. You can paint this corner with a different color or cover it up with textured wallpaper to add a different vibe.

Soft Color Palettes

A soft-colored bedroom design makes all the difference. Try soft color palettes to create a hotel-style bedroom. Cream, light brown, light pink, and pale yellow are some hues you can mix and match or use monochromatically. Give a warm gush by adorning the headboards with mellow fairy lights.

Bold Color-Play

If your heart refuses to settle for soft colors, this design is just for you. Go bold with a glossy turquoise backdrop and ceiling-to-floor curtains. Throw in shades of fuchsia pillows and wrap it up with an electric blue upholstered headboard. Bring forth a neutral floor lamp to add a little balance.

Dreamy Coastal Bedroom Design

Turn your bedroom into a coastal lullaby by painting it with pale blues and pristine white. Add a seaside mural adorned with delicate seashells or starfish. Add a wooden loveseat. Place white bedside lamps with the white bedroom scheme. You can complete the look with a beaded pendant light and lose yourself in the coastal charm.

Oversized Paintings that Cover the Walls

What better way to start a day than with art that consumes the walls? You can hang paintings that take up most of the wall space.

Nature-Themed Bedroom Interior Design

Lose yourself in nature by cocooning the bedroom with floral wallpapers. Change the ceiling into a pale green for a restful bedroom idea. Use light brown linen for a rusty effect. Add a wooden bench at the foot of the bed. Enhance the design by hanging murals of birds and animals. Set the scene with wooden bedside lamps.

Vintage and Modern Mingle Together

Are the bowl pendant lights and glass doors looking lonely in your light gray modern bedroom? Give it a vintage twist to make it enjoyable. Place a gilded floor mirror in the corner. A pale yellow, open-back sofa will look lovely at the foot of the wooden bed in an otherwise contemporary bedroom.

Coastal Grandma

Let leisure take over your bedroom design and ease into the coastal grandma idea. Add white or cream rugs below the bed. Accentuate the pale blue walls with sky-blue throw-ins. Place wooden chairs with hand-knitted slipcovers. Go with wooden bedside lamps and seaside murals for a grand finish to your favorite bedroom.

Classic Four Poster Bed

An inviting four-poster bed displays a classy touch to your bedroom design. You can pick a simple wooden four-poster bed or create a separate space by wrapping the bed with drapes. You can stay monochromatic with white drapes or hang magenta drapes to match the bed.

Neutral Palettes

Choose neutrals for a soothing getaway with subtle ochre hues. A towering ochre headboard will add depth, along with a herringbone floor. Place a velvet ochre armchair near the bed with a wooden pouf. Let the natural light flood through the bright bedroom and give warmth to the neutral tones.

Floor Mirrors for Bedroom Interior Design

Mirror, mirror, NOT on the wall; you are classy when on the floor you are installed!

Classy Chandeliers for Bedroom Ceiling Design

Turn to all-out maximalism and use vintage chandeliers for a midcentury modern bedroom. Color the ceiling a royal blue to highlight the gold and glass chandelier. Use light gray linen to coordinate with the walls. Let the chandelier play its game of shadows and turn your bedroom into a peaceful retreat.

Tropical Wallpapers

Mask the crisp walls with tropical wallpaper, and you can slumber away into your tropical escape. Throw matching pillows and place wooden chairs with tropical slipcovers to complete the open bedroom space. Sip coconut water and let your tropical bedroom cast its charm.

Rattan Wood

“Wood is a versatile material used in various bedroom design elements, including furniture, flooring, wall paneling, or accessories. It is a timeless material that never goes out of style, ensuring that the bedroom design remains relevant and attractive for years to come,” says Aishwarya.

Green Tints

The green color is symbolic of nature and instantly creates a refreshing aura. Infuse all the green tints, from a pale green ceiling, dark green backdrop, and emerald cushions, to sea green art decor. Top it all off with a velvet dark green, hand-rolled armchair, and you have a refreshing heavenly design.

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