40 Kitchen Cabinet Ideas To Revamp Your Space

Bright White

"I think white cabinetry in a kitchen is timeless. It’s fresh, clean, and versatile. It allows for fabric, art, and light fixtures to really pop and become focal points in a room," says Smith. "I love pairing a crisp white paint color, such as Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace (OC-65), with a creamy paint to warm up an interior."


As Smith said, white kitchens are a classic. On the other end of the color gradient however, black offers a striking neutral, especially when alongside other white details.


Slather your cabinets in the same paint color as the walls to make them blend right in. Here, deep black walls and cabinets open up the kitchen paired with vibrant details.

Light Blue

Not a neutral but still not too bold a color, light blue is a splendid choice for cabinet colors. You won't see this hue going out of style any time soon.

Navy Blue

Like light blue, very deep blue is a stellar choice for a subtle inclusion of color. Choose a navy with green undertones for borderline-turquoise cabinets, or a blue with a gray tinge to match a steely color palette.

Slate Gray

Sophisticated and timeless, you can't steer wrong with a nice and clean gray. They are a reliable foundation kitchens with a neutral color palette or for spaces with brightly colored walls and furniture.


Why paint your cabinets all one color when you can choose two? Start by switching the shade of island cabinets to differ from built-in cabinets on the wall.

Go Green

Green kitchen cabinets are the hight of home fashion these days—and it's not just one shade of green that's shining so brightly. Deep, moody green is just as lovely as hunter green, sage green, and beyond.


Don't feel like you need to go straight for the paint swatches to upgrade your cabinets. Letting wood shine is a stellar way to embrace their natural beauty. For an upgrade, consider trying a new wood stain to change the look of wood-front cabinets.

Keep It Low

Depending on your layout and storage needs, cabinets going only so high as the counter top may be all you need. Augment your kitchen with a pantry to make up for spare stuff and decorate the empty space above the countertops with charming open shelving.

Get Inspired By Wallpaper

For wallpapered kitchens, choose your pattern first before picking a paint to coordinate. In our 2023 Idea House, cabinets are painted a dainty green to match adjacent wallpaper perfectly.


Glass-front cabinets are a classic kitchen design move, especially when contained to the top cabinets. Beware however, that you'll need to keep the contents inside glass-front cabinets orderly for a neat look.


If tidy cabinet interiors is too big an ask, or just for some extra flair, decorate glass-front cabinets with a cute curtain. Choose a color or pattern that complements other hues in the room or for more continuity, choose the same fabric to adorn a skirted kitchen sink.

Shaker Style

"Go for something simple and sleek," advises Smith. "A Shaker style cabinet paired with beautiful hardware can make your kitchen feel updated and modern."

Match To Appliances

Coordinate the shade of your cabinets with the color of kitchen appliances. Here, the oven doesn't contrast from the cabinets so sharply, but instead blends right in.

Wood Paneling

In this kitchen, panels of white oak form stunning cabinets when stained honey-blond. As an added bonus, the cabinets match the floors wonderfully.

Earth Tones

Green can be a neutral too, and we can prove it. Create a grounded, earthy kitchen by pairing earth tones like green and brown with nature-inspired textures and a houseplant or two.

Funky Fronts

An alternative to glass-fronts, opt for an unexpected cabinet cover like a wire or woven material. This kitchen features gorgeous custom laser-cut metal cabinet fronts that add texture and intrigue.

Elevated Neutrals

The world of neutral kitchens expands far beyond all-whites and all-grays. Instead, designers love combining warm, welcoming neutrals that are dynamic but timeless.

Shabby Sheek

These reclaimed wood kitchen cabinets are distressed in an absolutely stunning way. The wood is from an old barn on the same property and has been dried in a kiln to kill bugs before being converted into cabinets.

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