40 Fall Outdoor Decorating Ideas for a Cozy, Welcoming Entry

Blend the Holidays

Fall is a busy time of year. With Halloween and Thanksgiving so close together, we love how this porch combines the two holidays with colors and icons of the season in a perfectly balanced way.

Go Beyond the Door

Have a garden, patio, or side seating area close to the porch? Extend the decor similarly to this bench. Her styling of the witch hat and broom called for a cute scene as if an actual witch occupies the space.

Try Uneven Layering

Symmetrical porches are all the craze when fall rolls around, but we love this lazy layered take. The mismatched sides make the setup look more homey and cozy for the perfect fall touch.

Let Nature Decorate

One of our favorite things about fall is the rich colors that start to develop. If you have several trees in your front yard or by the window, let the branches show off as they do here. The deep hues from the red and orange leaves serve as natural decor you won't be able to purchase from a store!

Mix Your Pumpkin Sizes

Speaking of layers, one of the most popular fall outdoor decorating ideas includes pumpkins. Layer the pumpkins on your porch with different sizes. This keeps the porch visually balanced—and those tiny pumpkins are adorable to look at.

Bring On the Bats

We love this adorable fall porch. The incorporation of the flying bats adds a fun, whimsical touch to the rest of the fall elements like the husk and mums. For color, Joanna went with pale green and orange pumpkins which provided a soft element for this welcoming entry.

Extend to Your Deck

If you're hosting fall get-togethers this season, bring the decor around back to your deck as shown here. This setup is homey and simple, and we love the one raised potted plant in the corner for balance. She also kept the tones well-balanced by mixing orange and white between the pumpkins and mums.

Blend With Other Colors

We love how this fall exterior incorporates a muted pink door and pumpkins, which makes this approach completely personal. This provides a true welcome guests will appreciate.

Create a Full Scene

Make a magical front entrance to your home like Ginny did with this front porch. This design covered all of the season's elements with the husk arch, lanterns, plaid blanket, pumpkins, and candles that cast a warm glow.

Play With Burnt Rust

Orange is arguably the most used color from fall, but we love its sister: burnt rust. This shade combines the deep orange, red, and brown of the season for a rich shade that pairs beautifully with seasonal mums or white.

Don't Forget the Apples

While everyone is obsessed with pumpkin patches, we're just as obsessed with apple orchards. Showcase the season's fruit by placing a bowl of apples on your outdoor coffee table. To amplify the fall vibes, stash a cozy blanket underneath with burgundy and gray plaid for a comforting element.

The Invisible Witches

How fun is this porch swing? Not only are the chain sides of the swing covered with colorful leaves, but it also has the cutest illusion of invisible witches. Hanging the witch hats and leaning the brooms against the bottom of the swing creates a fun scene for the trick-or-treaters and a playful porch design.

Throw In a Doormat

One of our favorite ways to decorate for fall outside is with a doormat. Swapping your everyday mat for a fall one that has cute sayings or icons is an adorable way to spruce up your porch. Not only does this get your guests in a festive mood and tie in the rest of your outdoor decor, but it also keeps mud or dirt from being tracked into the house—talk about a win-win.

Focus on Foliage

The fall season features a lot of gorgeous colors, but if you'd rather focus on the greenery of the season, style your porch as shown here. By stashing the pumpkins and mums on the porch and wreath on the door, you can pay tribute to the season while making the greenery the star of the show.

Send the Spooks

We are obsessed with this porch from Ashley Dixon. This scene hits all the fall notes with a focus on Halloween. Not all porches have to be cute and sweet, which is why we love this ghoulish spin on fall outdoor decor.

Pop With Blue

Pairing fall colors with blue and white stripes may not have been on your list of ideas, but it works. The brightness of the blue provides a contrast to the deep orange and red tones that work to tie the design together and freshen up the porch.

Think of Purple

Raise Your Mums

Instead of keeping your mums on the porch, raise them up with the help of a wooden planter. Not only does it lift the plants to be more in view, but it also elevates the nature/rustic feel the season embodies.

Go Scary-Cute

How adorable are these jack-0-lanterns? They're so scary, they're cute. Style your front porch with this DIY fall decor to give your home personality this season, but don't forget to put a candle inside and light it every night!

DIY Your Pumpkins

Want to personalize your fall outdoor decor? Follow in Frankie's footsteps with her DIY pumpkin. She purchased a pumpkin from her nearest decor store before painting it and printing off the adorable 'boo!' font.

Emphasize Neutrals

The fall color palette features a lot of bold, dark hues, and we love the creamy neutrals on this porch for contrast. The brightness of the white pumpkins lightened the mood next to the orange mums and created a fresh neutral scene.

Heat Up the Cozy Vibes

Who said fall has to be everything orange and pumpkin-themed? Evoke the warmth and coziness of the season with Adirondack chairs centered around a campfire. The rustic wood of the chairs blended together with the heat of the fire and plaid blankets create the ultimate fall outdoor setup

Pair Rustic Materials

The basket is the perfect addition to any fall porch or yard scene. It uses the traditional orange colors and a cute crow that's accentuated with the pallet basket. The wood of the basket adds a rustic vibe that makes it feel more outdoorsy, which is perfect for fall.

Find Front Porch Symmetry

Symmetry in design and decor is very pleasing to the eye because of its balance. We love how this porch is balanced with symmetry by mirroring each side. The small swap of the sign at the bottom of the left chair added a playful touch that didn't disrupt the overall unity.

Tier Your Steps

Almost every home has steps leading up to the porch, and we say tiering them as Zenia did makes a gorgeous entry. Her use of the lanterns added the warm ambiance of fall with the orange mums and white pumpkins that created a well-balanced design.

Sweeten With Scarecrows

Ditch the scary scarecrows this season for adorable sweet ones. They make the friendliest addition to seasonal blooms and pumpkins for a cute entrance that leans into the country vibe of fall.

Double Your Wreaths

For homes that have double doors on their porch, we recommend doubling your fall wreaths. Both sides mirror each other perfectly for a complete look that showcases the bright colors of the season for a fully festive entrance.

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