For a Kid’s Room in a modern style

Furniture Crib + wardrobe + open shelving + table – the minimum set. Comfortable furniture of simple shapes without unnecessary details.  Decor There are not so many decorative items: a mirror + figurines and toys. More attention was paid to the lamps. Textile Bed linen in light colors + thick curtains in pastel shades + a cozy carpet in gray on the floor.

For Kid’s Room in Scandinavian style

Furniture Wardrobe + open shelves + bed + rocking chair. The priority is items made of natural wood, covered with hypoallergenic paints. Decor Posters + mirrors + decorative animal figurines + mobile above the bed with a sky theme + dream traps. Textile Decorative pillows + bed linen and blankets in gray and white. Give preference to natural fabrics.

For a Kid’s Room with loft elements

Furniture Bed with straight headboard + inconspicuous built-in wardrobe + countertop + open shelves. Decor Lamps of different shapes and colors + minimalist posters. Textile Quilted bedspread in soothing colors + bright pillows + blinds instead of curtains.

For Kid’s Room with classic elements

Furniture Bed with wooden base + cabinets and wall cabinets + wooden work chair + soft armchairs. Decor Volumetric ceiling lamps + wall lamps in the form of letters + decorative figurines and toys. Textile Light translucent curtains + quilted bedspread and warm blanket + soft velor pillows.