31 ideas for a stylish bedroom: trends 2023

Bed linen for a casual look

New linens, duvets and throws are a quick and affordable way to instantly update your bedroom and set the right mood. In 2023, thick linen bedding is in trend. The color options are endless. If you're looking for a casual look, linen is the perfect choice. Starched clean sheets create a feeling of absolute luxury.

Stay Neutral

The stylish neutral bedroom design stands the test of time. Such an interior is guaranteed to please the majority. In trend 2023, a palette of warm sand, taupe and cream shades, burnt copper tones framed in orange and black.

Lighting in the bedroom

Proper bedroom lighting can completely change how a room feels at dusk. When it comes to bedroom lighting, it's important to layer light. You should have a main source, such as a ceiling light, as well as accent lighting throughout the room, wherever you see fit.

Calm atmosphere

Creating a calm, relaxing space is a top priority when planning a stylish bedroom. It's not just about how the room looks, but also about the feeling it creates. When you're curled up out of bed, everything is important, from decor and textures to lighting. Separate lights above the bed will not only protect your eyes from harsh overhead light while you lie in bed, you need comfortable lighting for reading or nightly rituals.

Contrasting colors

A simple and effective way to add some drama and character to a stylish bedroom is to create contrast between bedding and walls, or mix smooth and textured textures. Try mixing different materials and textures when choosing your bed and bedding. Headboards and sheets can be smooth, while blankets and bedspreads can be voluminous and rough.

Wallpaper in the bedroom

Wallpaper for the bedroom should not be too bright. Even a large drawing can be calm and serene. The combination of delicate linens, natural materials and fresh foliage help create a fresh, stylish bedroom.

Colors that are pleasing to the eye

Dreaming of a luxurious bedroom in soothing, livable hues that help you relax and unwind at the end of a long day? Fashionable taupes, beiges and biscuit tones look great in the bedroom, especially when paired with elegant blues and lavender hues. Make your room even more luxurious with a large four-poster bed and curtains.


A vintage bed can be one of the key pieces of furniture that will decorate your bedroom. The metal bed gives the look a bit of personality, while the combination of white, blue and green make the space cool and peaceful.

Experiments with contemporary art

Looking for décor items that will breathe life into your bedroom and help set a distinct style? Don't be afraid to experiment with contemporary art. A color scheme can stay fresh and neutral, creating the perfect frame for a painting or sculpture.

Canopy bed

A canopy bed is a bright solution, which in itself is an accent. And this bold move needs an appropriate frame. In the stylish bedroom, gray surf and beige sand are echoed in the linen and wood of vintage tables. The imposing black bed stands out among natural textures and elegant cream hues.

Bright headboard

A statement headboard is the bedroom trend of 2023. The bed becomes the main feature of the interior of a stylish bedroom. Finishes can range from mosaic tiles to rough patterns and odd shapes, or headboards with built-in bedside tables.

Merging with the nature

If you are lucky enough to have a bedroom with large panoramic windows and a good view, make it the centerpiece of the interior. Do not block windows with furniture. The laconic interior will help you move closer to nature.

Mix patterns

Choosing multiple patterns and prints for your bedroom at once can seem like a risky decision. But if you pick the right materials and pair them with a simple background, you can create a layered space that is both interesting and soothing. In the stylish bedroom pictured, a modern beige wall smoothes the atmosphere, while a combination of old and new patterns creates harmony. It is important to strike a balance, not to choose too bright prints and not to overdo it with the number of patterns.

Outside access

If you are just considering building a home, consider accessing the yard from the master bedroom. On the small terrace it is nice to have a cup of coffee or read the morning newspaper. The view of the garden makes the bedroom more interesting, but it is important to create harmony between the space inside and outside. Earth tones, browns and grays in a room will reflect the colors outside and help create a cohesive look.

Accent wallpaper

Looking for a surefire way to add pattern, color and texture to your stylish bedroom interior? Wallpaper is the perfect tool for this. It is not necessary to cover the whole room with a pattern, one accent wall is enough.

Rest zone

The bedroom needs a seating area where you can unwind after a long day. It can be a modest chair, a comfortable armchair or even a small sofa. In the serene stylish bedroom pictured, seating at the foot of the bed adds depth. Accent chairs have the perfect size and shape, they do not overload the space.


Do you like the crisp and clean ideals of a white bedroom? Don't forget to add some contrast. As serene as white walls are, they are also the perfect backdrop for a pop of color or a dramatic hue. In the stylish bedroom in the photo you see the balance of white and black, which emphasizes the luxury of the decor.

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