30 Stair Runner Ideas to Elevate Both Comfort and Style

Patterned Stair Runner

Black graphics add sharpness to a beige stair runner, like the elongated cross pattern on this Bridgehampton, NY, staircase from Sissy + Marley Interior Design that creates a sense of rhythm on the wide white and wood steps of the airy home.

Two-Tone Stair Runner

Pick a two-tone stair runner with bold edging to create a sharp look that contrasts with white walls and pale wood, like this Florida stair runner from interior designer Maite Granda in a vibrant mustard yellow with a thick band of navy on either end

Jute Stair Runner

A jute or sisal stair runner will add texture and an organic feel in an all-white space. Leanne Ford Interiors paired creamy paint on the walls and staircase with natural accents like pampas grass, dried flowers, and woven baskets.

Pink Ombre Stair Runner

An ombre stair runner will add both color and dimension to your staircase. Christina Kim Interior Design outfitted this curved black staircase with a pink ombre stair runner that complements the dark stained wood treads and curved wrought iron railings of this glamorous staircase. But an ombre stair runner in any shade could work just as well on a straight up-and-down staircase to add a wash of color in a modern home.

Grain Sack Stair Runner

Enhance the country-style vibes of a whitewashed farmhouse interior with a heavy hemp grain sack stair runner with a central stripe, like this staircase from Liz Marie Blog.

Shades of Blue Stair Runner

Complement an all-white staircase with a plush stair runner in shades of blue that will mask footprints and work well in a modern or coastal style home, like this twisting staircase from Ashley Montgomery Design.

80s Stair Runner

If your decor is an eclectic mix of colors and patterns, make sure that your stair runner is dressed for the party. M. Lavender Interiors chose a patterned, jewel-toned stair runner for this '80s-inspired stairwell with its mix of plaid wallpaper, colorful wall art, and mix-and-match textiles.

Leopard Print Stair Runner

Add eccentricity and retro glamour to an older home with a throwback stair runner, like this dark leopard stair runner on the blond wood staircase of a 1920s Tudor home from Brexton Cole Interiors.

Beige Stair Runner

Mimic the warmth of honey or golden-toned wood flooring and stair treads with a golden beige stair runner that will blend right in, like this airy staircase from Kate Marker Interiors.

Bright Red Edging

Add oomph to a neutral space with a stair runner edged in a bright primary color like red or yellow. This bright modern farmhouse finished basement from Chango & Co. has a beige pin-striped stair runner that complements the dark wood stair treads and flooring, but vivid red edging adds a playful note that mixes well with bright yellow accents scattered throughout the space.

Black-on-Black Stair Runner

For a textural monotone feel, pair a black stair runner with a black painted staircase, like this chic Scandinavian staircase from Fantastic Frank that is finished with discreet silver-toned stair rods to keep everything in place.

Geometric Stair Runner

Lighten up dark stair treads with a pale neutral stair runner that will complement white walls and railing. Kendall Wilkinson Design chose a neutral geometric pattern to echo the intricate windows and stair railings in this sun-dappled space

Bold Patterned Runner

Make a statement in a neutral space with a boldly patterned runner. John McClain Design chose a black runner with a bold cream botanical pattern that complements the black treads and white stair risers and walls of the sweeping staircase in this neutral neo-traditional home entryway.

Colorful Horizontal Stripes

Modernize the staircase in an older home by painting the railings white, keeping the treads natural, and adding a multicolored striped stair runner that will add color and pattern, like this horizontal rainbow-striped stair runner from Leanne Ford Interiors.

Light and Dark

Pair a minimalist staircase with thin steel railings with a plush runner. Marie Flanigan Interiors contrasted dark and light tones in this guest house staircase, covering the dark stained wood treads with a light cream Tibetan-Botanical Sadu rug held in place with black rods that adds texture to the neutral staircase.

Solid Blue Stair Runner

If your hallway is painted in a bright shade, pick a contrasting color for the stair runner, like the solid blue stair runner in this narrow English painted yellow entry and hallway from Studio Peake.

Pinstriped Stair Runner

When choosing a stair runner, consider both the color and design of the staircase as well as the flooring at the bottom of the stairs. Kate Marker Interiors ran a gray stair runner with thin white pin stripes and thick navy edging on this white shiplap-clad staircase that leads to a pale gray star-patterned tile floor for a mix of patterns in complementary neutral shades.

Ruby Red Stair Runner

A plush ruby red stair runner with gold stair tread rods is a classic look that befits an older home, like this gently curved wrought iron staircase from MMB Studio. The jewel-toned color adds contrast with white walls and a light stone floor below, allowing decorative objects and art to take center stage.

Herringbone Stripe

In a home dominated by shades of black and white, add variation by choosing subtle patterns that will add dimension to the design. Kate Marker Interiors chose an off-white runner with a delicate herringbone stripe pattern that complements the bleached wood stair treads and floors. A textural black-and-white striped area rug in the hallway introduces another pattern while keeping with the neutral decor scheme.

Large-Scale Pattern

A large-scale patterned stair runner can modernize an older home while enhancing its character. John McClain Design chose a bold patterned stair runner that is a feature in the black-and-white entryway of this renovated 1920s home in the Hancock Park neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Navy Accent Stair Runner

A dark taupe stair runner with a graphic navy motif echoes the midnight blue paint in the powder room at the bottom of the stairs in this home from Mary Patton Design.

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