20 Modern Farmhouse Entryway Ideas for a Warm Welcome

Use a Dresser

Keep in mind that while there are many different console tables to choose from, you don't have to go the traditional route when selecting furniture for your entryway. Here, a small wooden dresser looks lovely on the landing while also providing plenty of storage for gear of all kinds.

Style Faux Branches

Freshen up your entryway with some florals. Even if you can't purchase a flower bouquet every week, you'll be able to easily brighten up your home with some faux stems. These red branches are perfectly farmhouse chic.

Layer Pieces

Modern farmhouse homes are meant to feel nice and cozy, and one way to achieve such a look is by layering objects in an artful manner, as illustrated here. Don't be afraid to mix various finishes and textures in your home.

Add Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets are also a modern farmhouse staple; you'll find them styled in many of the entryways shown here. Baskets are also very functional since they can be additional storage vessels to hide clutter. Fill yours with outerwear, reusable tote bags, blankets, and more.

Incorporate Industrial Pieces

If you like your modern farmhouse home with a side of industrial flair, take a cue from this entryway, which contains black metallic pieces that really pop.

Go With Wood

Modern farmhouse homes are full of wooden furniture of all kinds. This simple yet sturdy entryway table is bound to stand the test of time both functionally and stylistically.

Hang Hooks

If you live in a large household, consider installing hooks in the entryway to keep each family member's belongings organized. Placing a farmhouse-style bench in front of the hooks warms up the space while ensuring that there's always a spot to sit and lace up your boots.

Opt for a Multipurpose Piece

In fact, you can choose to forgo a traditional table altogether and opt for a bench instead. This one can be used as seating but is also a handy spot to set down piles of mail and packages.

Think Narrow

If your hallway is on the narrower end, opt for a super thin wooden table like this one. After all, you don't want to be bumping into things on your way in and out the door.

Try Hanging Baskets

Accessorize your entryway with cute hanging baskets, like these woven ones. They can solely serve a decorative purpose if you wish, but they can also be useful for housing letters that need to be mailed out, receipts you need to hold onto, and other small goods.

Install Open Shelving

If your entryway happens to have a niche like this one, install some shelves and go to town decorating them with your favorite modern farmhouse accents. Some staples we love? Landscape art, fake plants, and a small woven basket or two.

Showcase Dried Flowers

Dried flowers shine in farmhouse-style homes no matter the season. The best part is that you don't even need a vase to display yours. Simply hang up your bouquet on a hook in the entryway for a casual, calming look.

Illuminate Your Space

Brighten up the entryway with wall sconces or candles (you can opt for a flameless design if you plan to keep these lights on for long periods of time). This type of setup also eliminates the need for a table lamp, freeing up space on your console for other trinkets.

Keep It Simple

If you're drawn to a simplistic look at home, stick to just the basics. Here, a wooden table, basket, vase, and candle prove that minimal can most certainly be beautiful.

Think Tall

Again, this entryway is streamlined and chic. Add height with tall vases like these—whether they're filled with branches or left empty, they'll capture visitors' attention right away.

Designate a Spot

You can never have too many small wooden accents in your modern farmhouse home. Here, a petite, trinket tray is a great spot for setting down keys upon returning home.

Pick a Plant

Modern farmhouse spaces also take cues from nature and tall plants. Olive trees and fiddle leaf figs are both popular picks. Place one—whether real or faux—in a basket by the front door to start your day off on a cheerful note.

Skip a Table

If your entryway is too small to fit a table of any kind, set out a basket instead. At the end of the day, empty it and return everything to its rightful spot in the hall closet or upstairs.

DIY Cute Cubbies

If you're feeling crafty, you can always DIY some entryway benches like these, using a farmhouse-style fabric such as this windowpane print to create some neat seating. Don't forget to make the most of your benches by incorporating some cubbies underneath.

Use Accessories

Use your favorite wicker pieces, such as beach totes and sun hats, as decor in your entryway. By keeping these items accessible, you'll most likely wear them more, too, ensuring that they don't become lost in the depths of your closet.

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