30 best solutions creating home office

Working from home is a definite trend. With the development of the Internet and business technologies, the number of freelancers who prefer home to office is constantly growing and amounts to millions of people. Working from home is healthier, much cheaper for the employer, more productive, and even less harmful to the environment. However, this occupation requires psychological comfort and a well-equipped workplace. A desk, a computer, a comfortable chair, and the right light source are just the essentials.

To work at home, it is good to have a separate room – an office, with a minimum of distractions, natural light, and fresh air. It is believed that the workplace should be directly opposite the window. However, today designers prefer to place the table more arbitrarily and in accordance with the general decision, the style of the room, and the individual preferences of the owner. “I am obsessed with things that are fluid, transparent, visually intriguing and/or spinning. Someone once said that I have a problem with gravity. I love light and lighting, its ability to change and create emotions,” says designer Guenael Nicolas.

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