20 Gray Accent Walls for a Stylish and Neutral Space

Grid Wall

If you're worried about a plain gray-painted accent wall feeling underwhelming, try doing as Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions does in this luxurious bedroom and dress it up with molding.

A grid made with molding adds dimension to the gray wall behind the bed, making the entire room feel elevated.

Charcoal Wall Behind a Bed

The wall behind a bed is the perfect place to put gray on display, as shown in this dramatic bedroom designed by Cannarsa Structure & Design. Keep in mind if you have all-white bedding, similar to the photo above, selecting a dark shade of gray like charcoal can create compelling contrast.

Mixed With Wood

Believe it or not, gray has a soft side, making it the perfect color to complement walls covered in rugged-feeling materials like wood. This restful retreat by Staprans Design features a feathery gray accent wall partnered with a wood checkerboard wall. Try a similar pairing to achieve a serene, organic modern-feeling space.

Swirl Wallpaper

One way to enliven a gray accent wall is to select a wallpaper with movement. For this peaceful-feeling gray and white bedroom, designer Reena Sotropa papers an accent wall in a gray and white wallpaper with a swirling, marble appearance.

Natural Stone Wall

This cozy bedroom was designed by Erin Williamson Design, actually showcases two gray accent walls: a charcoal-painted wall and a gray stacked stone wall. If you've ever wanted to incorporate a gray stone wall into your space, opting for a single accent wall can be a great way to get the look without turning a room into a literal cave.

Charcoal Wall

For a dark and moody effect, try backing a bed in charcoal gray. As designer Alvin Wayne illustrates in this modern-meets-eclectic bedroom, charcoal is a natural complement to rich, earthy shades like navy and mustard.

Marble Accent Wall

Another natural material that can be used to achieve a gray accent wall without paint is marble. In the luxurious kitchen above, Mary Patton Design uses a continuous slab of gray marble as a counter and range backsplash, creating an eye-catching effect.


Because it's a neutral, gray can be the perfect color to adopt when implementing an accent wall in a three-dimensional material like shiplap. The reason? Gray adds interest to a textural material like shiplap without turning it into a statement-maker the way, say, a color like pink or yellow would.

Stone Fireplace

Fireplace facades are a great place to experiment with gray accent walls covered in unexpected materials. As put on display by Niche Interiors in this modernist living room, a slate gray fireplace is perfect for grounding a room of bold, modernist furniture in natural finishes.

Paired With White

In this serene bedroom, Casa Watkins Living demonstrates one of the easiest ways to banish blah white walls without going crazy: paint one light gray.

Gray Monochrome

Go gray all the way as Lark + Palm did in this cozy bedroom and used a gray wallpapered accent wall to complement a room full of gray and white furniture. To keep things from looking too one-note, try layering a medley of different patterns. Chevrons, stripes, dots, and trellis patterns all come together in this space to create a room that's anything but boring.

Camouflaged TV

Hanging a TV over a mantel can be tricky to pull off stylistically. One way to make it look less like a giant black box is floating over your mantel. Paint your fireplace surround dark gray.

Mixed Wallpaper and Paint

As Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions displays in this charming home office and bedroom, a narrow or unusually shaped room can be a great place to play with multiple gray accent walls.

Brick Wall

Try painting a wall-to-wall fireplace with gray paint to transform it into a statement-making accent wall. Design firm MW Design Group does just that in this retro den, transforming it into the perfect backdrop for colorful Mid-Century Modern furniture.

Shiplap and Cabinetry

Trying to battle a lifeless, all-white laundry room? If so, do as Kate Marker Interiors does in this elevated laundry room and creates a focal point wall, complete with slate-colored shiplap and cabinetry.

Partnered With Green

If you're working with shades of bright Kelly green and looking for a way to make them appear richer, try accenting them with a dark gray wall.

Painted Up High

As illustrated by designer Maneli Wilson in this industrial loft, a single gray wall can make a striking impact in a space with high ceilings. Painting one wall a dark color and leaving the rest white highlights all of the walls' height, adding depth and dimension to a room.

Rustic Wood Wall

Rustic and yet also modern feeling, a gray wood accent wall is the perfect complement to a wide variety of styles. Here, Niche Interiors partners a wood accent wall with a cream upholstered Mid-Century Modern bed and modernist wood nightstands and sconces. The wood wall lends an unexpected element, creating an elevating contrast.

Layered Shades

As put on display by Desiree Burns Interiors in this restful escape, there's no better color to back a light gray bed than a dark gray wall. Since gray is a cool color, warm up your room by adding some textural flourishes such as a faux fur blanket or velvet or wool throw pillows.

Stone Gray Wall

Consider opting for an accent wall cloaked in a medium gray tone like a stone to perfectly complement cool shades like powder blue. As revealed in this elegant living room designed by Maite Granada Design Studio, the two shades are as harmonious as can be, especially when accented with bright pops of primary colors like yellow and red.

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