15 Raised Garden Bed Ideas for Growing Veggies and Flowers

Raised Bed Cottage Garden

A series of raised garden beds painted white and planted with chili peppers, bell peppers, kale, sunflowers, marigolds, and chard bring a cottage garden look to this backyard. The beds’ design complements the trim on the garden shed, which is surrounded by colorful flowers.

DIY Brick Bed

This inexpensive, DIY raised bed is made by dry-stacking brick. A series of upright wooden posts holding horizontal rods support the fruit-laden tomato plants so they don’t break—a prettier solution than tomato cages. The soil in the bed is mulched to keep moisture in and weeds out.

Log Raised Bed

Make easy, rustic raised garden beds with logs turned on end. The secret to making those logs stand up? Nail a 2x6 board inside the logs before you fill the bed with soil. The log beds complement the tree branch fence lined with hog wire to keep out unwanted wildlife.

Easy Paver Bed

Want to DIY an inexpensive raised bed, but woodworking isn’t your thing? Make one out of pavers turned on end. Choose pavers that are at least 4 inches thick, lay them on their sides, and put mortar between the joints to reinforce the sides. This is a great way to use pavers left over from a pathway or patio project.

Raised Vegetable Garden

Low, angular raised beds hold a variety of veggies like tomatoes and peppers, along with flowers and herbs in this kitchen garden. The grouping of raised beds is set off by a picket fence painted green, its scalloped top contrasting with the hard angles of the beds.

Modern Metal Raised Bed

This is one of the most stylish raised garden bed ideas that makes the perfect addition to any modern home. Sheet metal coiled into a spiral creates a contemporary raised bed. This one is planted with culinary herbs like dill, mint, cilantro, and chives. Their soft, overgrown shape contrasts with the hard lines of the raised bed, creating pleasing visual and textural contrast.

Stacked Stone Bed

A raised bed made of stacked fieldstone looks like part of the landscape. A mixed planting of succulents, iris, and roses creates a western spin on a cottage garden, while the sedum spilling over the side of the bed softens the hardscape.

Mailbox Garden Bed

A raised garden bed made of 2x6 cedar boards provides healthy soil for a curbside mailbox garden. Planted with colocasia, sedge, and mandevilla, the raised bed gets visual pop from the similar colors of the scarlet picket fence and red and hot pink flowers.

Raised Bed on Legs

Elevated garden beds are an excellent option for gardeners who want to avoid bending over to weed, feed, and prune their garden. They’re also good if you want a portable bed you can move to different areas of your property in pursuit of optimal growing conditions. This one made of treated wood has been placed on a deck and planted with lettuce and marigolds.

Raised Bed Outdoor Room

Create an outdoor room with a grouping of raised garden beds. Here, the curved sides define the space around the dining set and act as patio walls. The beds are planted with a mix of edibles and ornamentals that can be enjoyed from the sitting area.

Concrete Block Bed

Make an easy, inexpensive DIY raised bed with concrete retaining wall blocks. These are dry-stacked and capped with concrete paver stones fixed in place with exterior construction adhesive made for hardscaping projects. Concrete blocks are more affordable than natural stone and longer-lasting than wood, so they’re an excellent material for a DIY raised bed garden.

Backyard Oasis

This raised bed is made of engineered stone panels cast from real stone and attached to cinder block beds. They’re capped with flagstone pavers and planted with drought- and sun-loving aeonium, aloe, and angelonia. The bed adds privacy and defines the space around the flagstone paver patio. Cast stone panels are an inexpensive way to get the look of a stacked stone bed.

Wooden Raised Beds

Classic raised garden beds made of wood and stained to protect them from the elements are a good way to pack a lot of plants into a small space. This bed is planted with a mix of herbs and ornamentals, including succulents, lavender, basil, dill, and rosemary. Plastic yard flamingos add a touch of whimsy to this garden.

Round Raised Bed

This is one of the most stylish raised garden bed ideas that will bring a modern, industrial feel to a kitchen herb garden. This one is made of weathered metal and filled with several varieties of basil and nasturtium. A metal obelisk in a matching weather finish provides support for the vining plants and architectural interest in the space.

Easy Wood Raised Beds

Metal raised bed corner brackets make it easy to build raised container gardens. They come in a range of heights and can be stacked to build higher beds. Attach them to planks of wood with screws, and you have a near-instant raised bed. Place them in your yard, fill them with soil, and you’re ready to plant.

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