23 Bathroom Shower Ideas For Your Next Refresh

Double Door

No matter which way you swing it, a double door is a lovely choice. This idea provides a clean look and easy accessibility.


A built-in shower bench is a stylish choice for any shower, but it's particularly perfect for showers used by those who need a place to sit or help with balance. Extra storage is also a bonus.

Rain Shower

With one simple instillation, your shower can be transformed into a spa-like experience. Raining down from above, an overhead spout can feel deceptively luxurious.

Bring In A Bench

If your shower doesn't include a built-in bench, consider adding one of your own for easy storage or to prop up a leg while shaving. Choose a bench made from a water proof material or one that won't quickly mildew or mold.

Matching Finishings

Create consistency throughout the entire bathroom by matching metals. Tie in the space by aligning shower hardware with the finishings on your sink and light fixtures.

Tub Shower

Choose your adventure: bath or shower. A shower head above a bathtub expands the potential of the tub.

Towel Storage

One space-saving trick is to build your towel storage right into the shower. This way, there's no need for an external or over-door towel rack.

Same Stone

Here, blue-green Esmeralda onyx graces both the shower walls and the bathroom vanity. This mesmerizing stone acts as a line of continuity that brings the room together.

Depart From All White

All-white and -gray bathrooms have dominated homes for entirely too long, in our opinion. Try out a more eye-catching neutral, like black or charcoal, to grace the tiles of your shower.

Colorful Tile

If you're ready and willing to explore beyond the world of neutrals, experiment with a colorful hue. Here, blue shower tiles stun as a focal point for the bathroom.

Tiny Tiles

According to interior designer Whitney Romanoff, small tiles have more modern intrigue than their larger scale counterparts. “Smaller scale tiles in an interesting pattern can really make a space more interesting,” she says.

Blue And White

Blue and white is always right everywhere in the house, and the bathroom is no exception. If you're looking to add that extra oomph to an all-white bathroom, blue details should do just the trick.

Outdoor Shower

Indoor showers aren't the only ones that can be good-looking. Outdoor showers tend to be airy and whimsical, and the rubber ducky and attractive patterns in this one evoke that seamlessly.

More Decor

Some may be under the illusion that showers are a simple, uninspired space, but you know better. Don't let the decorating stop right outside the shower doors. Instead, take a cue from this pristine shower which is full of personality, evident in its French doors and decorative embellishments.


If curtains are your barrier of choice, the options don't start and end with a simple curtain hung from a shower hook. Rather, give your shower the full treatment like you would a window.

Retro Inspiration

This renovated bathroom is full of old-school influence and original pieces, just like the rest of the mountain cabin. The home's original pink tub is complemented by white subway tiles in the shower and lots of retro colors.

Glass Doors

Interior designer Missy Steffens says that when it comes to glass shower doors, the less hardware, the more modern it will look. For this reason, she prefers a frameless glass door over a sliding one which requires review hardware.

Standalone Shower

Showers are often placed in the corner of a bathroom, but depending on the layout and spatial needs of your home, this may not always be possible. Get creative with a central tub-shower with wrap-around curtains.

Polished Nickel

These days, designers are adamant that living finishes are the way to go. Gone are the days of chrome and brushed brass in the bathroom. Instead, polished nickel and unlacquered brass may be the way to go for long-lasting finishes that will stay in style.

Go Bold

There's few other rooms in the house with such jewel-box potential as the bathroom. While shower-less powder rooms tend to get this special treatment, we think that bathrooms with showers deserve bold colors and patterns, too.

Small Space Shower

If space is a concern, keep it simple. Elongate your bathroom by sticking to the same color so that your shower tiles blend in with the paint on the wall, ceiling, and floor.

Mixed Materials

While matchy-matchy can be pleasing, don't be afraid of mixing it up. Here, asymmetrical design and a half wall add visual interest, but smaller details like mixed metals can have a similar effect.

Double Shower Heads

A his and hers shower is the new his and hers sink. Similar to how your bathroom may have a double sinks in the vanity, double shower heads expand the function of any bathroom.

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