22 Stunning Range Hood Ideas for Your Dream Kitchen

Leave It Exposed

If your kitchen has a tall vaulted ceiling, covering the entire range hood's ductwork can detract from the feature. Instead of disguising it in this Florida home, Tom Scheerer left the ductwork exposed and gave it a black finish to match the range hood.

Add Dimension With Curves

Kitchen hood covers often feature sharp angles to mirror the shape of the hood itself. By breaking up the straight lines with curves, Amanda Jacobs gave the feature some dimension. The contrast of the white range hood with the black backsplash adds to the effect and draws attention to the center of the room.

Give It an Edge

One way to add some interest to a traditional triangular range hood cover is via the bottom edge. Katie Hodges chose to add a protruding curved detail to the bottom of the range hood in her own kitchen. The bottom of the range hood also provides a natural stopping point for the marble backsplash.

Keep It Minimal

Not every feature in a kitchen needs to be a statement. In this kitchen by Hilary Walker and Ashley Maddox, the range hood blends nearly seamlessly into the wall and doesn't compete for attention with the beautiful veining of the stone backsplash or rich walnut cabinetry.

Work With the Windows

A wall of windows gives you glorious natural light, but it might seem to limit where you can put appliances. That didn't stop Ginger Curtis, president of Urbanology Designs, from installing a very large range and range hood right in front. The lilac marble cover looks almost as if it's floating, thanks to the unique placement choice, and the home cook gets to enjoy the view.

Install Corbels on the Sides

Decorative wooden corbels, aka shelf brackets, can completely transform the shape of a kitchen hood. Celia Bryson took this kitchen hood from basic to beautiful by adding oversized corbels. For a cohesive look, she coated it and the upper cabinets in Hodley Red by Benjamin Moore.

Disguise It With Wood Paneling

Paneled appliances are a form of quiet luxury, range hoods included. In this kitchen by Nathan Taylor of Obelisk Home, the paneled hood range doesn't scream for attention but instead evokes an elegantly understated look by blending in with the cabinetry.

Let the Backsplash Take Center Stage

Stunning tile can be an investment piece, so a kitchen hood should complement and not steal its attention. This kitchen by Hoedemaker Pfeiffer shows off a hand-painted tile backsplash covered in glass for protection and an understated range hood cover that blends into the background.

Accentuate Its Shape With Metal Trim

One very easy way to make a simple range hood stand out is by adding some metal trim. Brass is an especially great choice for kitchens that already show off this metal in other fixtures, but don't be afraid to mix metals. In her own studio kitchen, Reena Ravi chose to accent the white range hood with brass strapping.

Match Your Other Appliances

When interior designers and cabinet contractors work in harmony, the end result is one cohesive kitchen. Ashbourne Designs teamed up with Ciuffo Cabinetry to design a range hood that looks as if it came with the statement range and undercounter oven.

Blend It Into the Backsplash

In this kitchen by M Viamontes Architecture + Interiors, Calacatta Viola marble was the material of choice for both the backsplash and range hood cover. Don't miss the design detail that makes this treatment look truly luxurious: The veining on the hood cover lines up perfectly with the backsplash.

Use Wood as An Accent Material

Ashley Montgomery used wood as a thoughtful design detail in this kitchen, from the island to the open shelving to the range hood. The wood trim on the bottom edge of the range hood and sides of the backsplash is stained in a finish that's just as warm as the kitchen island but slightly darker, so it draws a little extra attention.

Align It With Open Shelves

The features surrounding a range hood are sometimes what makes the area so intriguing. Lisa Tharp chose a basic rectangular design for this hood and installed floating shelves on either side. The white space the shelves create gives this kitchen a nice sense of balance.

Trim Off the Top

When drawing up the plans for your range hood ideas, pay attention to the spot where the the hood meets the ceiling. If you're working with a statement ceiling, there's an opportunity to use the same material as a top trim piece. Liz Dutton chose to add a wood accent piece to the top of this range hood to match the ceiling.

Level Up Stainless Steel

A classic stainless steel range hood is always a safe bet. However, you don't have to go with a plain stainless steel range hood from a big-box store. The example in this kitchen by Morgan Madison Design shows how steel can be an intriguing material for a cover.

Contrast Styles

Cortney and Robert Novogratz needed an extra-wide range hood to accommodate their massive La Cornue range. They didn't let the size keep them from reaching for a bold material. The end result is an industrial-style hood that commands attention and contrasts with the more traditional range below while sharing its finishes.

Rely on Subtle Differences

It's important to design a range hood with the backsplash in mind. Matching the two exactly can look too on the nose. A better approach: Choose a slightly darker color for the range hood and a slightly one for the backsplash. Designer Sheldon Harte of Harte Brownlee & Associates also relied on texture here to differentiate the hood from the backsplash.

Tile Over It

Tile certainly isn't just for backsplashes. This kitchen by Jaqui Seerman is proof: It features a marble backsplash and a custom range hood covered in Waterworks tile.

Match the Countertops

In this Nashville kitchen by Sarah Robertson of Studio Dearborn, soapstone adorns not just the countertops but also the range hood. We love the patinated look, which will only get more beautiful with time.

Cover It in Wood

Add instant warmth to your kitchen with a dose of wood paneling on the range hood. Melanie Millner of The Design Atelier worked with Kingdom Woodworks to create this custom range hood that contrasts beautifully with the navy cabinets.

Play With Finishes

If you decide to go the metal route for your range hood cover, remember that you can mix finishes, not just metals. Caren Rideau chose matte white steel for this kitchen hood's main construction and paired it with a shiny, polished strip for an accent.

Make It a Work of Art

When brainstorming range hood ideas for her new Atlanta home, Alison Victoria knew she wanted to make a statement. “I wanted a hood unlike anything you’ve ever seen, one that’s artistic and also functions properly,” she says. To achieve her vision, she worked with Mark Wentz of Americo Fabrication & Design.

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