21 Most Popular Types of Interior Design Styles

1. Modern Interior Design Style

From the onset, it is important to note that “modern” and “contemporary” are two different interior styles. A modern interior design style is defined by clean and simple color schemes, welcoming feel, clean individual elements, as well as heavy use of glass and steel and much-needed siding replacements that date back in historical times. Black and white dominate the color palette, with some faded shades of blue, red, among other prime colors.

2. Contemporary Interior Design Style

Contemporary interior design is a type of interior design style which refers to trends that are ruling now- at this very moment. An interior design style that was “contemporary” in the 2010s is not necessarily contemporary now, but a design that was “modern” back then still remains to be “modern”- always was, always will! In other words, modern design doesn’t change with time, whereas contemporary is more fluid.

3. Art Moderne Interior Design Style

Art Moderne originated from the United States in the early 1930s and trended until the late 1940s. Those days, this interior design style was all about bigger, bolder, and brassier. Furniture was designed with a swelling curve and other décor items were either pared or stripped down. Designers also refer to this interior design style as the American Modern or Modernist.

4. Mid-Century Interior Design Style

The mid-century interior design style was popular in the wake of the Second World War. Just like was the trend with almost every aspect of life those days, this interior design style emphasized on vivid use of color; from the walls to the wall arts, to the artifacts. Everything was colorful in this era. Furniture was defined by crisp lines, and indoor plants were in plenty.

5. Minimalist Interior Design Style

This minimalist interior design style originated in Australia and is still very popular there. The style emphasizes minimalism in all aspects of interior design, from simple furnishing to neutral color palettes, to functional but not flamboyant accessories. Everything is streamlined, simple, and necessary. No excesses.

6. Scandinavian Interior Design Style

The Scandinavian interior design style is a combination of various design styles that evolved in the 20th century in the five Nordic countries of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland. The Scandinavian style is about a minimalist interior, utility, and simplicity.

7. Shabby Chic Interior Design Style

The Shabby Chic Style is characterized by laid-back vibes, airy lighting fixtures, antique-touch furniture, and a vintage-inspired charm. It is inspired by modern designs, but it has some elements of contemporary design.

8. Eclectic Interior Design Style

Eclecticism is all about picking ideas and inspiration from a broad and diverse range of sources. The Eclectic Interior Design style creates homes that are rich and layered with ideas picked from design eras and styles spanning centuries.

9. Industrial Interior Design Style

Industrial Design is a union of style and utility. As the name suggests, an industrial-style home exposes building materials that are otherwise concealed like bare brick walls, pipes, and recycled materials.

10. Farmhouse Interior Design Style

A farmhouse is rustic and allows us to unite with nature since it uses a lot of organic and natural materials and furniture designed accordingly. The Farmhouse Interior Design style uses these elements and creates a farmhouse-like vibe in a city home surrounded by concrete.

11. Art deco Interior Design Style

The iconic style emanates from France. Its pieces have refocused edges and jagged corners. It’s pronounced with large cabinetwork. The style veers towards the ornate and jewel-suchlike period. It also evokes substance and fineness.

12. Boho – Bohemian Interior Design Style

The Boho interior design style is a mark of free-spirited aesthetics that are a combination of culture and cultural expressions to form a miscellaneous style. Its laid aft atmosphere is grounded on nature with some marks of bold patterns and bright colors for its cabinetwork and accentuations.

13. Coastal Interior Design Style

The coastal interior design is further of memory on a sand holiday with ocean shell collectables in an airy, tranquil led and open space. It’s not a surprise to see crisp, white base concentrated particulars with sky and ocean alleviations. The style generally means drawing out littoral features and incorporating them into your spaces.

14. French Country Interior Design Style

The french country interior design style is a mix of sophisticated features and other styles like seedy enthusiasm, grange, and traditional. It’s marked by antique cabinetwork pieces and neutral womanlike designs. The design is analogous to the transitional ultramodern innards design style and is a mongrel blend of antique French, grange and seedy sharp styles.

15. Hollywood Glam Interior Design Style

Hollywood glam interior design has been popular in California since the mid-twentieth century. It’s a blend of art décor and mid-century ultramodern. It’s marked by a high discrepancy color combination of hot pink and green and occasionally black and white. Patterns in Hollywood Glam are bold, dateless, and gender-neutral overall.

16. Japandi Interior Design Style

The japandi interior design is a combination of Scandinavian and Japanese designs. The design is minimalistic and earthy. The Scandinavian part is embedded from Sweden, Denmark and Norway. The design is Nordic and stretched with soft color palettes. It’s completely functional and minimum.

17. Mediterranean Interior Design Style

Mediterranean interior design’s origin is Greece, Spain, and Italy. It’s distinguished with bends, columns, and interior sundecks. Its cabinetwork is majorly from rich wood tones with ornate features like rattan, gravestone, reclaimed wood and linen.

18. Asian Décor Design

Asian style innards design, occasionally called Oriental design, showcases the societies of Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand and other prominent Eastern societies. Accessories continue this dramatic style by featuring beast motifs and mythological beasts, similar to monkeys and dragons.

19. Rustic Interior Design Style

Rustic interior design is pronounced with natural traces, artificial accoutrements, and a grange charm. It’s established from the alleviation of the Romantic Movement and focuses on the simplicity and the royal beauty of nature. It’s not a surprise that the design is inclined to practical, clean, mannish and minimum spirit.

20. Traditional Interior Design Style

The Traditional interior design takes inspiration from different styles from the 18th and 19th centuries. It is a timeless design style and is not rooted in any specific period or era. Consistent and symmetrical, the traditional style is not as eccentric as many other interior designs but not boring either.

21. Transitional Interior Design Style

An interesting juxtaposition of the traditional and contemporary interior decorating styles, the Transitional interior design is a modern take on classic design elements. This is one of the most popular interior design styles among the millennial generation since it balances the masculine and feminine elements aesthetically.

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