1. Serene Spa-Esque Bedroom Trends 2023

Maximizing relaxation was one of the biggest 2022 bedroom trends and decorating ideas. In 2023 it’s getting elevated to sophisticated new levels.

2. Clean & Green Designs

With every passing year, sustainability turns into a hotter topic. Since that’s the case, environmentally-friendly alternatives are more accessible than ever. It’s no wonder an eco-conscious look is among the up-and-coming bedroom trends of 2023.

3. Coastal Grandma 2023 Bedroom Design Trends

The coastal grandmother look continues to gain traction in the interior design world and shows no signs of slowing down.

4. Art Deco Revisited

Creative types with a love of old world glamour rejoice – Art Deco is another of the top 2023 bedroom trends!

Bedroom Decorating

The ideal bedroom has to be more than a space where you go to rest and recharge. It needs to appeal to your stylistic senses too.

5. Maxed Comfort

Comfort continues to be a top priority for the bedroom trends of 2023. Bedrooms should, after all, serve as relaxing escapes after long, tiring days out and about.

6. High-Quality Modern Curtains Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Not only are quality curtains a bedroom essential, but they’re also forecasted to be among the top bedroom decorating ideas of 2023.

7. Mix, Match & Embrace Bold Patterns

Instead of steering clear of big, bright, and bold patterns, embrace them. After all, they’re among the most highly-anticipated 2023 bedroom trends!

8. Mismatched Throw Pillows Bedroom

Although it was already a big hit this year, the bedding trends of 2023 continue to favor mismatched – and many – throw pillows.

Master Bedroom Interior Design

If any room is worthy of extra special touches and boasting the latest looks first, it’s the master bedroom. The 2023 master bedroom trends have something to get everyone excited. Transform this room by splurging on a new bed base, headboard, artwork, and more to create the ultimate private bedtime hideaway.

9. Elegantly Upholstered Bed & Headboard

Within any bedroom, one element stands out – the bed. After all, it’s the defining feature of the space. Thus, it only makes sense for one of the bedroom decorating ideas of 2023 to be a sumptuously upholstered bed or headboard.

10. Wow with Accent Walls

Among our favorite master bedroom trends of 2023 is the modern accent wall. The beauty of this particular trend lies in its versatility. Stunning statement walls can boast textured or graphic wallpaper, murals, and wooden panels. The possibilities are near endless!

11. Statement Pendant Lights

Replacing bedside lamps with pendant lights is another of the stunning yet functional bedroom decorating ideas of 2023.

12. Oversized Artwork

Although less can be more, bigger can also be better. The latter is the case for oversized artwork, another of the 2023 master bedroom trends.

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